The world’s first precision dose smart vaporizer

Published Feb 22, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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The introduction of medical cannabis led to intense hesitation from doctors, and specialists for a variety of reasons, with the first and most important being its unpredictable nature and misunderstood health implications. So far, smoking weed has not been linked to cancer, but most recognize that inhaling any kind of smoke may lead to irritation of the lungs or throat, and even if you manage to avoid the health impacts, then you still have to consider how challenging it can be to get appropriate dosing down.

Dry herb vaporizers are unable to offer any level of stability as every weed strain comes with its own unique cannabinoid profile, and with a simple heat to buds action, there is no way to determine precisely how much THC you might be getting in each hit. Though some brands of liquid cartridges may offer a consistent level of THC, until now, there has been no way to use a weed vaporizer in any measurable way to build the confidence of medical providers.

The Gofire smart vaporizer

In 2018 Gofire Inc. began taking pre-orders for the highly awaited smart vaporizer, but they didn’t make it into the hands of the public until later in 2019. Before anyone had a smart vaporizer, the idea was enticing to both consumers and doctors, but it wasn’t until consumers got to use them that the public realized just how fantastic this powerful tool could be.

The Gofire smart vaporizer has a handheld design that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, and it works off a simple touch-based technology, but the programming running behind the vapes function is far beyond anything that we have ever seen on the market. This vaporizer is technically manual, but it has a massive variety of precision features that can be set from an app on your smartphone. Its sleek and user-friendly design is one of its most popular qualities, but the really useful part of this vaporizer lies in the app and cartridges.

The app

The makers of the Gofire knew one thing for certain, and it’s that a precise dose of cannabinoids would be necessary for the medical community to fully embrace the idea of therapeutic treatments through a vaporizer, but that’s not all.  They also knew that every single weed strain and every batch of cannabis concentrate would provide a slightly different effect from one person to the next. Both challenges were taken seriously from the get-go, and it shows when you delve into the true level of control that a smart vaporizer has to offer.

The app from Gofire does this through a personalized database that is regularly updated by the user and compiled into a virtual library for others to reference and learn from. Consumers can seek out certain strains or products based on symptoms, severity, or medical condition, and take in real live user’s ratings before making a purchase.

The smart vaporizer app educates, but that’s barely scratching the surface of all that it can do, as one of the most important features, after all, is the precision dosing. This weed vaporizer can track how much you take, how often you use it, and how you feel after every single session so that it can make recommendations for better results with future treatment. So, if you say 20mg of THC is too much, it will let you know to lower it, but if you are having a particularly painful day, it can also recognize that and act accordingly.

Once you have submitted all of the relevant information, browsed through some of what’s available, and find yourself ready to start, with a simple touch of a button, the vaporizer will release the perfect amount of cannabis concentrate to deliver your desired effect, but first, you’ll need to manually adjust the dose, as the app will only make recommendations, and your personal consumption levels are still entirely up to you. This small change is made using a sensitive dial that can be raised or lowered in increments of 2.5mg of THC, and the result is incredibly accurate.


Cartridges that offer consistency

Now, all of that sounds well and great until you circle back to the issue of consistency. A lot of consumers believe that as long as you stick to the same manufacturer or strains, the cannabinoid profile won’t change, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Try as you might, you will probably never make two batches of cannabis concentrates that measure up the same, and that’s where the truly smart part of this weed vaporizer comes in.

Each cartridge from Gofire is fitted with a tiny computer chip that is filled with important information including the exact potency of what is inside. This makes it easy for the weed vaporizer to figure out precisely how much cannabis concentrate to dispense into the heating chamber. With a click of a button, the perfect dose is dispensed and ready to use. One more touch and it will vaporize the potent cannabinoids and deliver them to you in a smooth cloud of vapor.

The Gofire community

For the world’s first smart vaporizer, the Gofire smart vaporizer is an impressive piece of technology that is finally offering patients control over their medicine, and recreational consumers the opportunity to truly personalize a high, but the maker is also helping consumers from all over the world to connect through on online community that is safe, monitored, and filled with like-minded individuals. Some may wonder if this device is compatible with dry herbs, well as you guess, The Gofire smart vaporizer is well equipped to handle both dry leaf, and marijuana concentrates.

How much, and where to buy one

If you made it this far and feel like this kind of vaporizer could be exactly what you’ve been looking for, then you’re in luck, as the devices are available online through their website. Unfortunately, these hot ticket items are so highly sought after that they are released in separate batches, so it might be a bit of a wait but it’s a work in progress. At a cost of $299 per unit, it’s relatively comparable to any other high-end vaporizer but delivers much more quality and control for the price.

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