A review of the Purple Rose Supply cannagar rolling kit

Published Feb 18, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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When it comes to rolling cannabis into a smokable casing, some of us catch on immediately, while others find it difficult to figure out the art. You, of course, will always have the option of a manual rolling tool or fancier choices like the pre-shaped cones that are easy to pack with little fuss, but both of those result in pretty normal looking, tasting, and burning joints.

Now, we would never knock joints at, where our love for cannabis in all forms runs deep, as they can be a great, affordable, and accessible way to smoke weed, but they do lack the extra pizzaz that you can find in a cannagar. Cannagars come in all different shapes, forms, and rolls, and they are a hot commodity that is rarely found on the legal market, and when they are, they can cost you between $40-$100 on average.

That’s an incredibly expensive one-time experience, and though they get excellent ratings almost everywhere you look, finding one and shelling out that kind of cash is completely unfeasible for most. That is especially true when you take into consideration whether or not you will like whatever they happen to be made with, and that leaves a whole lot of eager consumers too wary of making the investment.

Purple Rose Supply

The founders of Purple Rose Supply saw this very same issue, with the lack of access and high prices leading to thousands of consumers who miss out on the experience, and in response, they released a cannagar rolling kit, that could put the tools required into the hands of those who may be interested in a more unique cannabis roll.  

As soon as we heard about this helpful tool, we just had to check it out and share the news with you all, but before moving forward with the review, for those who aren’t familiar with cannagar, we’re going to start out with a simple explanation.

So, what is a cannagar?

A cannagar is a fancy term for a cannabis cigar, which is packed with dried cannabis that is wrapped inside of a thick paper. In some cases, tobacco leaves are used to encase the well ground weed, but a cannagar can also be wrapped with anything from normal rolling papers, to hemp wraps.

What’s inside of the Purple Rose Supply cannagar kit

To start, you will notice that the box that the whole kit comes in is aesthetically pleasing. It’s lined with a jet black cushion that makes it perfect for long term storage with all of the bits and pieces that come inside, but of course, the box isn’t what you want to know about most. The contents of the cannagar kit are virtually everything that you need except for the wraps and the weed.


  • Cannagar mold with a packing tool
  • 10 small bamboo skewers
  • Reusable wood cannagar tip

Is it expensive?

We’re sure you thought that it’d be a whole lot more complicated with extra moving bits and parts, but that’s part of what makes this starter kit so awesome, as it comes with everything that you need, without all of the frills which probably helps the company to maintain affordable pricing. Luckily, there is a Purple Rose Supply cannagar kit in just about every size for almost every budget, and they even offer a few extra accessories that you can invest in separately if it suits you, but here we’ll list the cost and details of the kits.

1. Small
Cost: $44

  • Holds 3.5-7 grams of cannabis
  • Burns for 1-2 hours
  • 2.75 inches long and 0.5-inch diameter
  • Ring gauge is 32

2. Large
Cost: $49

  • Holds 10-14 grams of cannabis
  • Burns for 2-4 hours
  • 3.9 inches long and 0.65-inch diameter
  • Ring gauge is 42

3. Personal
Cost: $44

  • Holds 2-4 grams of cannabis
  • Burns for 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • 3.5 inches long and 0.375-inch diameter
  • Ring gauge is 24

How to use the kit to roll a cannagar

A lot of consumers wonder if these kinds of tools are worthwhile, because they don’t understand how it all works, and that can be daunting to an inexperienced toker. No one wants to invest in a tool that they don’t know how to use, so we’re going to lay out just how easy this one is, by providing a step by step insight on how to get it done.

  1. Place one of the bamboo skewers through the small hole located on the bottom of the cannagar mold.

  2. Grind up your weed and slowly add it to the middle of the mold through a handy funnel design in the top of the mold bit by bit, ensuring to use the packing tool to press the bud grind down. The pressure in this step plays a significant role in how well the cannagar shape holds, so while you don’t need to be rough with it, you do need to push everything into place, so it’s a good idea to pack it a few extra times in between each layer just to be sure it all works.

  3. Once the cannagar mold is full of well-packed cannabis, the next step is simply finding a safe, cool, dry place to store it for at least 3 hours. The longer you leave it, the better and longer it will burn and the pressed cannagar shape will also be easier to remove and wrap, so try to be patient and leave it for as long as you feel comfortable.

  4. Finally, it’s time to see the magic that’s gone down inside the locked cannagar mold, so retrieve it and open up the latch that’s located on the front.

  5. Open the cannagar mold to expose the pressed weed in the perfect shape for a cannabis cigar and use the skewer to gently lift it out of the mold.

  6. Now it’s time to wrap it with your preferred choice of casings, which could include hemp wraps, blunt wraps, hemp leaves, cannabis leaves, or cannagar tubes straight from Purple Rose Supply.

Once you have it all sealed and wrapped, there is one final step and that is to carefully tug at the bamboo skewer until it comes loose enough to remove, and then it’s ready to spark up and enjoy with all of your friends.

Is it worth it?

After using this really neat tool, one thing is for certain, and it’s that the Purple Rose cannagar rolling kit takes the work out of making a homemade cannabis cigar. It doesn’t require electricity or replacement parts beyond the wraps and skewers, and it negates the need for any kind of rolling skills. This cannagar maker is perfect for both beginners and more seasoned consumers and it can help those with disabilities that aren't compatible with the average manual joint roller, opening up a whole new world of opportunity.

Though the size of the cannagar might not be ideal for the occasional cannabis consumer, it’s perfect for just about any serious toker, and a great addition to any stoner’s arsenal. Whether you want to enjoy the occasional cannabis cigar for yourself, or you have a huge party to prepare for, the Purple Rose Supply kit can help to make the entire process a whole lot easier, enjoyable, and more affordable than any store-bought alternative.

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