All about cannagars

Published Mar 28, 2019 10:26 a.m. ET

It’s an exciting time for cannabis culture as weed achieves a legal status in more areas every day, the market has evolved and matured into something spectacular that offers literally thousands of choices for the average cannabis smoker to consume their herb. One of the most recent blunt rolls to hit the market are called cannagars.

What is a cannagar?

A cannagar is a type of marijuana leaf blunt roll that is filled with a mixture of cannabis and weed rosin that may or may not include tobacco products as well.

What is inside of a cannagar?

Precisely what is inside of a cannagar will depend on the brand, manufacturer, or version that you choose to buy. Leira is currently at the top of the cannagar market. They sold one designer cannagar for $3600 in 2018 and have done nothing but expand on their product line since. If you order from them, you will have two options to choose from including the Cannarillo and the Corona.

Cannarillo cannagar

Cost: $75

The Cannarillo is one of the smallest cannagars you will find on the market today. It measures 3.25 inches long and contains 4 grams of high-quality weed, and the marijuana leaf casing is coated with 0.5 grams of rosin.  

Corona cannagar


Cost: $225

The Corona is one of the most expensive and sought after cannagars available. One from this design measures 6 inches long and contains 12 grams of high-quality cannabis that is combined with one full gram of rosin.

How is a cannagar made?

  1. Only the healthiest and largest marijuana leaf is harvested from cannabis plants which are then put through a curing process which dries them to the ideal moisture level to wrap a cannagar.
  2. As it is cured the centers of the cannagars are made. Wooden skewers are pierced through buds and put under intense pressure as they are wrapped with a hemp rope as tightly as possible to help to shape them into perfect cannagar blunts.
  3. After one week the cores are released from their hemp rope bondage and ready to be wrapped.
  4. The cores are then individually wrapped entirely by hand with a cured marijuana leaf.
  5. Freshly made cannagars are then set aside to cure the rest of the way which takes one full month before they are labelled and packaged for sale.

How to smoke a cannagar

Since a cannagar is essential the cigar of the blunt world, it should be expected that preparing one to smoke is going to take a few steps. Even lighting and maintaining a cannagar burn can be difficult to achieve if you try to smoke it like a regular blunt. Here is an easy step by step guide on how to prepare and smoke a cannagar for yourself.

You will need:

  • 1 torch lighter
  • 1 cigar tip clipper


  1. Pull the skewer from the center of the cannagar by tugging from the end that it protrudes from the most. Do this slowly and gently to avoid any rips or tears.
  2. Use a cigar tip remover to gently clip off one end of the cannagar blunt. This step will also need to be repeated if the cannagar is put out and relit later.
  3. Though technically you can use any kind of lighter to light a cannagar, due to their thickness something that runs hotter like a torch will provide a better initial spark and, in the end, a more even burn. Use the torch lighter by pointing it at the tip of the blunt and light it while rolling the cannagar in a slow, circular motion with your fingers, to evenly burn the entire end.
  4. Puff lightly or take massive hits at this point, it’s all up to you. Enjoy!



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