The most effective joint-rolling tools of 2019

Published Dec 26, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET

Rolling a joint is easy, or so they say, but many cannabis users have yet to perfect the artistry of how to roll a joint. Of course, you must be equipped with the necessary products needed to roll your joint first.  You have rolling papers, you have your weed, and you have the desire to use these rolling papers to perfect your method of consuming your cannabis. However, today,  so many accessories are available to assist in perfecting the art of how to roll a joint. Here are a few of the best choices on the market that will have you rolling the perfect joint and perhaps becoming the envy of the joint rolling community.

Essential smoking tools

Some essential items are needed. We have decided that having cannabis and rolling papers is ok, but more assistance is required for many. So here we go, the first item on the list is of course:

  • A delicious tasting high potency strain of your favourite weed
  • A stash jar to protect the cargo
  • A lighter
  • A rolling machine
  • A rolling tray
  • A grinder

The best joint-rolling tools of 2019

1. The Tightvac Storage Container

Cost: $9.99

This Stash Jar is a needed part of your joint rolling equipment. Choose a jar that is affordable, smell-proof, and it can store about an ounce of your favourite cannabis strain. Adding a hydration pack to your stash jar will ensure that your weed is in the right humidity environment.

2. Juju- all-natural Bamboo Rolling tray (7x5”)

Cost: $29.74

This tray is not only practical but a beautiful piece of natural wood. Practical and eyecatching.

3. Survival Frog

Cost: $18.95

No joint without fire. This is a fantastic outdoor, waterproof and windproof dual Arc Plasma. It comes with a lanyard, no more looking for a lighter.

4. RAW Rolling Machine


Cost: $6.00

This is for the OCD smoker that needs the joint to be the same each time, perfectly rolled. This machine is each to use and just as easy to clean by using isopropyl alcohol to wipe clean any sticky surface. The unit comes with two rolling sleeves.

5. The Horns Bee

Cost: $40.00

This product is a necessary item for helping in the rolling of a joint. The necessity of evenly ground herb for that perfect joint is resolved by using this product. The unit is rechargeable with a USB cord.

Other things you will need to use a joint roller

1. Rolling Papers

Cost: $8.25

For your herb to taste and burn well, you need to have the perfect vessel in which to put your herb in and make your joint. Raw provides 1.25 unbleached cigarette Rolling papers. This price gives you four-packs, equal to 50 leaves for your rolling enjoyment.

2. Cannabis

Cost: ????

For the perfect joint, you need the ideal cannabis strain. A great strain of cannabis that will compliment each of the accessories provided.
Rolling a joint can be problematic and stressful to some, but the gadgets listed above will hopefully help in speeding up the process of learning how to roll a joint perfectly.

How to Roll a Joint Perfectly Using A Joint Roller


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