Pete Buttigieg’s policies on federal marijuana legalization

Published Feb 29, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Who is Pete Buttigieg, and what are his policies on federal marijuana legalization? This is an intriguing question that Americans and the rest of the world are interested in knowing the answer to.

Pete Buttigieg is:

  • 38 years old
  • Born in South Bend Indiana
  • Part of the Democratic party
  • Married
  • A graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University
  • Openly gay
  • Mayor of South Bend Indiana
  • Favors cannabis legalization
  • One of the only candidates running for the top dog position who has backed broad drug decriminalization

Pete Buttigieg policies

Mayor Pete, as some have named him, supports medical marijuana access for veterans who have PTSD. He also notes the injustices that the “war on drugs” has helped to commit. However, Pete does not seem to have signed any legislation that is directed towards cannabis.

He did, however, in 2017 approve an ordinance that prohibited businesses in the city from selling synthetic made cannabinoids. He has also been quoted as stating that these synthetic types of cannabis cannabinoids are more dangerous than  actual cannabis,

When questioned on his involvement in cannabis use, Buttigieg admits to having smoked cannabis in the past, at least a handful of times. Recently while in Las Vegas, Pete was offered some cannabis to take on the go, to which he replied in a joking manner that he was on the clock and still had a long workday ahead of him. One of Pete Buttigieg’s edgiest policies in his climb for the chief in command job is his support of cannabis.

Bernie Sanders policies


Bernie Sander's policies on marijuana include the legalization of cannabis. As he believes that the current criminalization of cannabis, a completely harmless drug has increased the prison population rates.

As a co-sponsor of the Marijuana Justice Act 2019, cannabis would be removed from the Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). His cosponsoring of the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act helped to facilitate the federal decriminalization of cannabis, changing the federal marijuana legalization status.

Bernie wants to erase marijuana convictions. He plans to expunge any criminal records that pertain to cannabis use. In California, this could affect over 1 million Californians alone. He believes in the total expungement of cannabis convictions for offenders who have not committed any other crime. Mr. Sanders is looking to put in place awareness of cannabis through education of the plant and bringing awareness of the effects and health benefits of the plant.

Bernie will give each state the responsibility for regulating and taxing cannabis, similar to the way that tobacco and alcohol are implemented.The current classification of marijuana being a dangerous drug is not how Mr. Sanders sees cannabis. Mr. Sanders sees tobacco as being more harmful to human health.

He is in full support of medical marijuana use. Bernie is not shy in admitting that he has tried cannabis. The results were not pleasant, evoking a coughing episode. However, he did try again and remains today with the same result. He states that though it is not his thing, for a whole lot of other people, cannabis suits them just fine.

The remaining presidential candidates who oppose marijuana legalization


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