Weed Talks - Episode 1 - Jacqui Childs

Published Sep 23, 2019 04:50 p.m. ET

Who is this amazing woman branded as an influencer? What is it about her that makes her hold the title ‘Social Media Influencer of the Year’ for the 2019 O'Cannabiz Awards category?

Lester from Cannabis Wiki is here to unveil the mystery that intrigues the millions of people that follow and listen to Jacqui as a cannabis marketing influencer.

Jacqui is a social media influencer, her followers are in the millions on Facebook, and she has over 130,000 followers as a Canadian Instagram star.

She has something that people want when Jacqui speaks, people listen. She is open and honest about her life and how cannabis has become a part of it.

She is a world-class international writer who co-authored the book “Ignite your inner Warrior." Her accomplishments also include being a mother and wife.

She openly admits that she lives daily with the symptoms of anxiety, depression and Crohn’s disease, and it’s these health conditions that have brought Jacqui to include cannabis in her health regime. This is partially the reason why Jacqui has earned the cannabis influencer status that she holds today. Her blatantly open disclosure of her struggles through life is heartfelt and genuine.

Her millions of followers from her modelling career have stayed with her and keep following her on her fantastic cannabis journey, which she gladly shares.

Jacqui is quick to point out that she does not class herself as an expert in the cannabis knowledge world, and poignantly tells her followers that she is always learning and is thankful for the knowledge she has gained. The word influencer is strange to her; however, she enjoys and looks forward to sharing her experiences with her many followers.

Jacqui likes to remind people to be kind to each other. She is happy at letting her followers know that the cannabis industry is huge and has enough space for all to participate in the cannabis culture.

Although Jacqui openly admits to having social anxiety issues, she continues to spread the word about cannabis through her social media platform and interviews. She has a goal to be part of the solution in stripping the stigma that is still attached to the cannabis plant.

Jacqui is an open, honest, beautiful woman who knows that speaking the truth is the best method of keeping it real and in contact with her followers.

She is who she is, as Jacqui proudly and honestly states. It is ok; she likes herself and hopes that others will appreciate her honesty and truthfulness. The people that make fun of her ways have their opinions, and she respects that and looks for the same respect. By the vast number of her followers, it is clear that Jacqui is a top-class, world re-known cannabis influencer with followers that support her cause.

If your not already following Jacqui Childs check out her social media below.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jacquichilds/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jacquichilds
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jacquichildsmodel

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