Would you dress up your child as a pot leaf for Halloween?

Published Oct 16, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis enthusiasts would agree that Halloween is the ideal time to proudly display your inner stoner to the world but is it something that we should be encouraging for our children? Some of the hottest holiday-related topics over these last few years have surrounded controversial outfits made for children. Times are changing, and society is becoming more aware of what is acceptable to wear on this ghoulish night, leading to the mass removal of culturally related costumes from store shelves as companies from all over the world began to reel from the intense backlash from the public.

Over time we’ve learnt about our mistakes and make adjustments to the way that we do things accordingly. That process is important for society to evolve and to change world views, but this year brought forward a brand new highly debated topic, surrounding cannabis plant-related Halloween costumes for children. Now, this isn’t a new idea, as pot leaf and tie-dye onesies have been available on selected merchandisers websites for ages, but is this an appropriate fashion statement for youth, or are we taking things just a tad too far?

Kids costumes that celebrate the cannabis plant

Some parents will hear about this and find themselves in complete and total shock, while others may quietly laugh, is anyone really comfortable with dressing up their kids as a substance-oriented character? It seems that the answer is yes, and just in case you haven’t seen them yet, here are a few of the most highly debated pot leaf children's costumes for Halloween.

1. Pot for Tots full-body costume
Cost: $29.99
This item is so hot this year that customers are having a hard time placing an order which is in stock, and vendors are selling out right across the country. This pot leaf infant costume features a cartoon type character, and since it includes a bunting bag, it’s only available in sizes up to 12 months.
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2. Marijuana bong and elements Halloween cape
Cost: $15
The marijuana bong wizard outfit comes complete with a cape, top hat and wand, and despite its tacky name, it’s actually one of the most discreet kid’s cannabis plant-related Halloween costumes on the market. With a medium-sized logo on the front that tastefully shows how a bong requires the elements, air, fire and water to work, and a twist that sort of looks like a magician, this costume is available for children between the ages of 4-10 years old.
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3. Green Reefer pot leaf overcoat
Cost: $24
The bright yellow color is eye-catching and makes it nearly impossible to miss the hundreds of pot leaf decals strewn across every inch of this Halloween pullover. If you are seeking a multipurpose outfit, then this one is it, as the material doubles as a perfect towel for those long hot days at the beach. Though this might sound like an adult-oriented costume, the makers thought it better to stick to sizes that range between 2T and 7T, which will fit the average 2 to 6-year-old child.
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Does marijuana legalization make this kind of costume option appropriate?

Though marijuana legalization has helped cannabis culture to make massive leaps and bounds, most parents still wouldn’t feel comfortable with their children heading out to trick or treat with friends’ dresses as a pot leaf or some kind of bong obsessed scientist.  While it is most certainly an indicator of how comfortable much of society has gotten on the subject, it’s not necessarily the most age-appropriate option out there.

The hottest cannabis themed costume ideas for Halloween 2019


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