The hottest cannabis themed costume ideas for Halloween (2019)

Published Oct 9, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Welcome, Halloween partiers to “Halloweed,” the unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts. Let's look at this year as the one for woman empowerment. Superpowers are available on a budget, and women can rock these costumes with style and class while celebrating their love for cannabis culture.

1. Pot Wonder Woman
The pot leaf printed all over the one-piece short-short jumpsuit defiantly portrays the fantastic powers of the green wonder plant and the women who want to sport this Halloween outfit. Pot Wonder Woman’s cape represents the marijuana plant in full fashion. Her long silky green leggings are held in place by pot leaf suspenders, and the marijuana green wig sits comfortably secured by the pot leaf headband. The whole outfit pushes the power of women and the almighty blunt that she holds in her hand.

2. Cannabis Pirate Maiden
Women who like the sea may choose to dress in a Cannabis Pirate Maiden costume. Her beautiful marijuana plant themed short lacy outfit is covered in pot leaf décor, and the captain's black hat is sporting a giant pot leaf visible from all angles. The costumes hat is edged in beautiful green trim that matches the petticoats under the lacy dress. Her over the knee swashbuckler boots are black with the pot leaf printed on the top of each boot which makes an in your face statement with a stylish look.

3. Reefer Nurse
What Halloween dress-up party would be complete without a Nurse Reefer costume.? This outfit comes in a very short version of the original white nurse outfit. The dress includes over the knee stockings that are prominently held up with a pot leaf on each leg. Her nurse hat has a beautiful green pot leaf in the front to finish off the healthy nurse costume. Advocate for medical marijuana with class in this gorgeous pot leaf themed outfit.

For the men who need a perfect cannabis-themed costume

1. Classic Pothead
The simple Pothead look is a winner for the man who has worn everything else. Simple and easy this outfit consists of a sizeable clay-looking flowerpot that sits comfortably on your head. There are several stick-on signs to apply to your pot hat, and some include the impressive 420 numbers nestled in a field of marijuana plants, or the standard dank sign that may suit you better. With legalize proudly printed in the forefront of the pot leaf this is the perfect choice for a label that adorns your pothead hat.


2. Rasta Man
What male can say no to the Big Head Rasta Man outfit? The traditional black, yellow, green and red colours of the knitted hat sit comfortably with many black dreads attached to the rim of the hat. Don't forget the tee-shirt that proudly has the pot leaf on the front, and the large round sunglasses that are perfect for hiding those red eyes of yours.

3. Pot Leaf Suit
The fashion-forward male can never go to the party without his full two-piece Pot Leaf suit. Paired with a white shirt and a tie, covered in the beautiful pot leaf, makes this outfit strictly for the top-notch dresser. Accompanied by his top-notch blunt this man may steal the show.

4. Blunt
Let’s finish with the Giant Rolled Bluntcostume this is good for the male, or female cannabis enthused Halloween dresser. The long brown outfit looks like you have stepped into a blunt wrap. Around your neck attached to the blunt brown costume is the beautiful pot leaf beautifully displayed for all to enjoy.
Whatever costume you decide to wear to a Halloweed themed party is bound to be a hit. Choose a ghoulie strain of cannabis like Frankenberry to accompany you for an extra spooky experience.

A fallinspired bong just in time for Halloween


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