Top 10 weed wallpaper apps of 2019 for Android

Published Dec 20, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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It’s almost Christmas, and what better way to really personalize your phone than to download and install some stellar cannabis-themed apps to stylize your device in a way that celebrates your love of the plant. If you want something that is constantly changing and moving, then check out one of the weed apps below with ‘live’ in the title, but if you prefer still frames, then almost any of the others here should have something to offer for you.

1. Weed Live Wallpaper

Cost: $1.29

Weed Live allows anyone without space or green thumb necessary to enjoy the beautiful sight of a cannabis plant growing right from seedling to full maturity. Choose from almost any weed strain you can imagine and watch the magic of nature take motion right on your phone.

2. Weed HD Wallpaper

Cost: Free

Weed HD has been around long before legalization, which is probably why they have a 5-star rating on Google Play. With just over 1000 still images to choose from, it’s really no surprise that this one earned a hard to get number 2 spot on this list.

3. Pro Sweet Leaf

Cost: $1.99

Pro Sweet Leaf isn’t quite free, but it is an inexpensive solution to an age-old stoner problem of finding good quality and imaginative weed wallpapers that will work on a phone. The high-resolution images offered here are taken by professional to show the raw beauty of nature in its purest form.

4. 4K Weed Rasta Backgrounds and Wallpaper

Cost: Free

This Weed Rasta app offers some of the highest quality android wallpaper options out there for free, but the flashy colors and style come from a stereotypical vision of what a stoner might like, which is best for consumers who enjoy vibrant colors against the backdrops of life.

5. Weed Marijuana Smoke

Cost: Free

Weed Marijuana Smoke isn’t quite like the rest, as it uses smoke and fancy photoshopping techniques to come up with incredulous photos that are deep enough to make you think, and yet simple enough that an unknowing passerby probably wouldn’t recognize the association with pot. The best part is that it isn’t limited to simple black and white like you might think, as they offer every color of the rainbow in smoke.

6. Weed Hemp


Cost: Free

Weed may be in the title of this app but its focus is actually on the hemp plant and all that it can do. Inside you will find incredible images of hemp plants in flower, hemp oils, and hemp seeds that work together to create art that is unlike anything you will find in most wallpaper apps.

7. Savage Marijuana Live Wallpaper

Cost: Free

Savage is a huge player that is only ranked so low on the list due to recent user ratings. At one time, Savage owned this portion of the Google Play Store, but with all the competition out there, they have dropped a bit, though still nowhere near enough to get bumped out of the top 10 weed wallpaper apps of 2019.

8. Weed Rasta Smoke

Cost: Free

This is the still version of Weed Rasta Live, and it’s preferred as the images don’t move, which can sometimes cause nausea or vertigo. The images are the same, with cute little carton cannabis puffing smoking men, pot leaves, and so much more to choose from. Though this is another one for those who like color and flair, it’s an excellent addition to any android phone screen this year.

9. Weed Joint Live

Cost: Free

Weed Joint Live is unique because most of these apps focus on the aesthetics of the pant itself or cartoon images that are associated with marijuana somehow, but this one takes a different perspective and shows off the true talent behind rolling some of the best and most unique joints in the world. Inside, you will find everything from a heart joint to three different cross-braided version, so stay entertained while you pick up some tips and tricks to improve your rolling skills.

10. Weed Rasta Live

Cost: Free

Weed Rasta Live offers 100% moving pictures including adorable cartoon shorts that are all about weed, and some even include famous characters of our youth like Mickey Mouse or Scooby-Doo. Choose from the loud and proud list or a more discreet smokescreen, but no matter what you pick, know that you won’t be tied down, and you can switch things up again anytime.

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