Cannabis-themed games that are safe for the office Christmas party

Published Dec 7, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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It’s that time of the year that brings about the office party. Christmas brings about the traditional office gathering, and socializing between associates. What happens at the office party should stay at the office party, and this year your work party could be cannabis-themed.

Cannabis is quickly replacing the liquor-related vibes that are the usual theme of most office parties. Weed games usually focus on enjoying the high experience, while with most alcohol drinking games, the purpose is to be a sloppy drunk at the end of the challenge. There might not be alcohol at this party. There can, however, be a peaceful, happy vibe presented by the effects of the cannabis plant combined with adult games.

Here are a few favorite weed games that will set the mood for a fun office party

1. The Lighter Game
This game is very similar to the old age game Hacky Sack. Take the lighter and place it on the back of your hand. The trick is to toss it to your partner, who must catch it on the back of their hand.

2. Heads Up
First, download the app onto your phone, and then divide into teams of two. Choose and read deck descriptions and tap play. Hold the phone on the forehead and your team will give you clues. Holddown for correct, and tip-up for incorrect answers.

3. Christmas Tree Challenge
Give each person a piece of green construction paper and have them hold it behind their back. The goal of this weed game is to rip the paper until it looks like a Christmas tree. Whoever has the best-looking tree will be the winner. It’s all about creativity; let's hope the strain you are using promotes that.

4. Candy Cane Hook
This is a team effort game, and it’s especially fun for those that enjoy being teased. This game could be perfect for the players who feel the urge to munch. You will need to purchase the small size candy canes, and then unwrap each candy cane and place them into two separate bowls. The purpose of the game is to move the candy canes from your team’s bowl to the other team’s bowl. This is to be accomplished by using your mouth only, hence to reference to the munchies. The team with the most candy canes at the end of the game is the winner.


5. The Christmas Balloon Burst
What better way to celebrate the season than with green. You will be inflating green and red balloons, enough for each team player. Each player will tie a balloon to their leg. The purpose of the game is to pop your opponent’s balloon without having to sacrifice your own. At the end of a set time, the team with the most balloons is the winner. Or this game can be played individually with each player out for themselves.

6. How Many?
This is a perfect game for the office to test the memory while high. As the office staff arrive to relax and perhaps to partake, you can have them attempt to guess how many of certain items they have see around. There is no time to count necessary, and they are only able to make a guess. Here are some items you can look out for:

  • How many Christmas candies in a jar?
  • How many gifts under the tree?
  • How many candy canes are on the tree?

7. Stoner City
If your office party is full of eager board game players, then this is one of the best board games for the office stoners. Stoner City is better than a monopoly game, as the journey will make you feel like you are the head of your own budding marijuana business.

So, now that you know that no alcohol is an option for the party, don't forget to pick your favorite strain of cannabis from the gifting bar, and that green is the Christmas color of choice at this office party.

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