The best free apps on Google Play for the cannabis enthusiast

Published Nov 21, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The legalization of cannabis has opened a whole new world for consumers to experience themed things that had barely been heard of before. Now that it isn’t so highly frowned upon to create weed-related gear, many companies are hopping on board, investing and getting involved in the trend.

What were once topics too taboo to bring up at the dinner table, are now open and important conversations, and now that everyone is warming up to weed, there is a flood of new and exciting products hitting store shelves everywhere. There are now board games, weed events, neat new tools, and all those things are great, but there is very little for the penny-pinching stoner that is looking for something to help to pass the time.

Luckily, there are quite a few weed games and apps within reach, you just don’t know it yet. If you are looking for a good way to waste time and if you love yourself some Ganga, then you might want to check out a few of the apps we’ve listed below; All of which are available through the Google Play store for android phones, and are free of charge.

What is Google Play?

Google Play is an online platform that supplies millions of people all around the world with a way to connect and share their creative inspirations, and one of the avenues they use is called the Google Play store, which is available on every android device.

The best free apps on Google Play

Here you will find a list of free apps that are weed-themed, but they aren’t all mind-numbing timewasters. Some of them hold valuable, educational content, and since it’s so close that it will only take a click or two to get there, we highly recommend you try out these top 5 weed-related free apps on Google Play. You’ll never know, you might learn things you had only dreamed up, or in the very least, find a free source of entertainment for the winter. Either way, you can’t go wrong with free apps.

1. Crush Weed Match Candy Jewel

Free app type: Time waster

Description: If you have ever played the original version of Candy Crush, then you will already know how this game is played. It’s designed on the very same principals with similar rules, but instead of crushing candy you get to crush some of the brightest and most colorful cannabis leaves to collect coins. Choose from color backgrounds listed by strain and test your speed against the clock in Crush Weed Match.

2. Helix Weed Game

Free app type: Weed games and puzzles


Description: Follow the leader pot leaf through various levels and gameplay across a pile of mini games. If you have ever played Roblox, then this one will feel familiar as the controls and movements are nearly identical. Leap over enemies and giant canyons or roll on through the easy levels that aren’t so death-defying, the choice is yours. Also, with the Helix game, every single time you play you can enjoy a brand-new experience which helps to keep things exciting. For those who want a small library of cannabis-themed levels, this weed app is perfect and has enough content to keep you going for months on end.

3. Weed Feeds

Free app type: Educational and entertaining

Description: Weed Feeds is very similar to Facebook in that it will send you notifications for comments and updates on content related to the topic at hand which is pretty much anything weed-related. Here you will find some of the latest scientific breakthroughs, hottest news stories from some of the most trusted cannabis news sources like The Cannabist. It offers helpful blogs, how to videos and more, alongside an extensive directory of weed strains and recipes. No matter what it is you like about cannabis, you are sure to find something good and informational to read here.

4. Weed Bubble Shooter Match 3

Free app type: Time waster

Description: A twist on the classic arcade-style Bubble Shooter with some exciting changes, but this is one of those weed games that is easiest to get comfortable with if you have a history with the regular version. This one is actually the third remake for Weed Bubble Shooter, whose makers keep evolving the game along with demand. Pick from backgrounds that include a pot farm, a grow room, or a closeup of a breathtaking fully matured cannabis plant and blast away for hours as you work your ways through the levels and enhance your skills like speed and aim.

5. Investing in Weed Stocks

Free app type: Financial freedom/advice & educational

Description: Cannabis stocks can be a tricky investment, particularly for those who are trying to get into the game with little to no knowledge of the industry. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take part. All you need is a little bit of help to get you started, and for that, there is Investing in Weed Stocks, the complete beginners guide on how to invest. Once you’ve downloaded this app you will gain access to insider tips and tricks while learning everything you need to do before investing, including how to choose a stock to purchase and the very best times to cash in before you lose out.

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