Top 10 cannabis-themed Halloween costume accessories of 2019

Published Oct 21, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

Now that smoking weed has become more socially acceptable, and a lot more people are considering costumes that are associated with their favorite plant. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pre-made options on the market that will wow consumers, and those that do, still need a few things to make the look complete. Below we have listed some of the coolest pot-themed accessories to compliment any costume this Halloween.

1. Stick-on glow in the dark pot leaf decals
Cost: $13
This set is the perfect Halloween costume accessory for anyone looking to create their own cannabis-themed costume. One package contains 50 super bright light charged pot leaf stick-on decorations that are easy to apply and fun to use, with a bonus of keeping you well-lit and safe on such a spooky night.
Where to buy online: Amazon

2. Latex glow in the dark pot leaf balloons
Cost: $8
The more you buy, the cheaper they get, but even the smallest pack of these glowing giants is well worth the cost. These glow in the dark balloons are triple the size of an average one, and they are covered in cannabis leaves that appear to jump right out of the plastic. While many products claim that they glow, these are nearly as effective and bright as glowsticks, which makes them a perfect Halloween costume accessory.
Where to buy online: Direct Glow

3. Weed leggings
Cost: $48
If you need some soft, warm, slim-fitting leggings to keep you toasty as you party the night away, then this one’s for you. This pot elegant weed leaf designs are massive and noticeable from a distance, yet tasteful and gently colored which is appeasing to the eye, and the opposite of the tackier more traditional stoner look.
Where to buy online: Tampa Clothing Company

4. Marijuana Tiara
Cost: $36
This Halloween costume accessory comes pre-assembled, but for those on a budget, it even works as inspiration from which to create your own at home. The cannabis leaf crown is one of a kind, and a rare find that adds the perfect amount of flair to any weed queen or fairy costume that needs an extra touch from mother nature to feel complete.
Where to buy: Etsy

5. Light up pot leaf beaded necklace
Cost: $3
Yet another glow in the dark special that is perfect for dark and dreary nights, and dimly lit Halloween parties is this reusable pot leaf necklace. Most lights up chains are disposable, cheaply made and purposely designed in a way that makes it impossible to switch out the batteries, but not this one. Whether you are dressing up as a stoner, a ganja princess or anything else that would go great with a pot leaf accent, this necklace makes an excellent costume accessory that can be useful, year after year, in all kinds of different party related situations.
Where to buy: Blinkee

6. THC and CBD molecule necktie
Cost: $36
If you are dressing up as a fly, stoner businessman or just want to do a little something extra on that one day a year, while working in an environment with a dress code, then this cannabis-themed necktie might be just what you’ve been looking for. The elegance that emits from this piece is pretty amazing, and to the unknowing eye, it’s nearly impossible to associate it to anything marijuana-related, but the true cannabis enthusiasts will spot out this gem from afar. With over 10 different color options and glowing well-defined molecule drawings, this necktie makes the perfect accessory at any time of the year, including Halloween.
Where to buy: Cyberoptix


7. Blunt pillow plushie
Cost: $30
This costume accessory will be more than happy to keep you company all night long, and no matter what you choose to be, this conversation starter is bound to be the ideal addition. It’s nearly as long as the average adult's arm, and it looks adorably stoned, decorated with a pot leaf on the side to clarify for anyone that is wondering what you might be carrying with you. It’s incredibly soft and makes for a perfect decoration long after the holidays are over, making it a long-term investment for the true cannabis enthusiast.
Where to buy: Etsy

8. Marijuana leaf sleeves
Cost: $15
Sometimes, we don’t need something flashy or loud to complete a costume, and in those times, a small piece like a sleeve is enough. While it’s often one of the last things we think of as we plan our outfit for the night, Halloween can get quite cold, and most women's costumes are not designed with warmth in mind. The addition of these tasteful and well-fitting pot leaf sleeves can help to keep your skin protected from the elements while adding a classy touch onto nearly any cannabis-themed choice.
Where to buy: Etsy

9. Pot leaf glasses
Cost: $10
Whether you are partying during the day or just looking for a handy way to cover your bloodshot eyes from other guests, then these cannabis leaf glasses are a unique buy that can go well with a few different stoner costumes for both men and women. They also make the perfect accessory for a beach day, so if you grab a pair, you won’t have to settle for only wearing them once a year.
Where to buy: Amazon

10. Fake marijuana buds
Cost: $90
If you are feeling a touch crafty this year and is seeking some decorative items to add to your costume, then these pretend cannabis buds might be right up your alley. The best part is that you get to look like you’re quite literally rolling in weed, even if you aren’t carrying any of the real things with you. If you like to make people look twice, then these bud flowers are perfect for you.
Where to buy: The Craze Co

The hottest cannabis themed costume ideas for Halloween 2019


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