The ultimate Christmas themed stoner wish list for 2018

Published Feb 20, 2019 01:57 p.m. ET

 The holidays are upon us, and Christmas shopping has commenced. Do you have a hard to shop for pothead on your Christmas list this year? Or are you searching for gift ideas for yourself? Either way, our amazing holiday-themed gift list has all the hottest must have marijuana related accessories of 2018.

1. Pot Leaf Christmas Tree

Cost: $24.99

This Christmas weed tree stands seven inches tall and is a realistic artificial marijuana plant complete with the finer details like colorful hairs and crystals. The Pot Leaf Christmas Tree can be decorated any way you like just like any traditional fake tree and will last for years. Perfect for apartment dwellers who just don’t have room for a full-sized tree. It can also be used as a decoration that can fit on almost any wall shelf. This artificial cannabis plant can be purchased through Amazon and is made by iBrandy Co. It’s realistic, and compact design is sure to garner some attention and is a great conversation starter.

2. Christmas Weed Sweater

Cost: $40-$100

If you’re looking for a perfect weed-themed ugly Christmas sweater Spreadshirt offers an entire line dedicated to just that! With hundreds to choose from and hilarious sayings like “yes, we cannabis” and “rise and shine it’s bake time.” There is something here for everyone including shirts dedicated to each preferred method of smoking. From the blunt to the bong and even joint sayings they have it all, and not all are joke inducingly ugly either. If you're looking for a gift that will keep the recipient warm and full of laughter this year than a Christmas weed sweater may be just what you need.

3. Christmas Weed Cookies

Cost: $40

Unfortunately, with the majority of the legalized world still banning the sale of edibles. It is difficult to find a supplier that will provide these holiday-themed goods. What you can do instead is make a batch of your own. Sugar cookies are notoriously Christmas related and can be cut into stars or trees and decorated. To do this, you can use any sugar cookie recipe that requires butter. Only instead of traditional butter, you would substitute cannabutter, giving it a THC content that can be enjoyed for the buzz and the taste. If you don’t know how to make cannabutter, then check out our easy to follow guide to making cannabutter at home. These cookies are sure to be a hit and should be labeled as an adult only product, so no one accidentally eats one without being aware of what they are ingesting.

4. Snowman Pipe

Cost: $25.16

One of the best things about pipes is the wide variety of designs there are to choose from. While a typical stoner would likely enjoy almost any pipe, this mischievous looking snowman pipe is perfect for Christmas. Made by Excellent Glass Shop on Etsy, this one is hand blown and made with durable pyrex glass. The hat is where you place your mouth, and the body acts as a bowl. This rare, high-quality piece is more than worth the cost. You will likely never find another one quite like it making it a special unique gift that can be enjoyed all winter long without feeling out of season.

5. Cheech Glass Christmas Beaker Bong

Cost: $250

For the bong fanatic, we present this limited-edition piece from Cheech and Chong’s lineup. The bong is decorated from top to bottom with various Christmas characters. From Santa and his elves to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Frosty the snowman everyone makes an appearance. This heavy-duty water bong features a classic heavy-duty beaker with a bright red-rimmed mouthpiece. The Cheech and Chong Glass Christmas Beaker Bong stands 15 inches tall and sports an 18mm bowl that is removable and replaceable. It appears this one is mostly enjoyed by older crowds who are fondly reminiscent of the time they spend watching all the old Cheech and Chong flicks growing up but is appreciated by all collectors of Cheech and Chong merchandise across the board, including those who don’t smoke but appreciate the art.

6. PolyPlus Pot Leaf Ashtray


Cost: $15.99

Joint smokers can be a bit more difficult to buy for since most paraphernalia would just sit on a shelf collecting dust. For those folks, something like this pot leaf ashtray may be the most used thing they get for Christmas. This one comes in eight different colors and designs including a round more traditional ashtray shape and a pot leaf shape to choose between. You can choose the addition of skulls or a reaper, and all of them feature the saying “Don’t worry be happy,” in large print. This one is perfect for any smoker and is made from all natural, recyclable material.

7. Lowell Herb Co. Cannister

Cost: $10

The most affordable choice on this list, the Lowell canister is completely airtight and can hold up to five joints inside. It sports a sleek, smooth, shiny bullet-like appearance and is perfect for any camper or hiker that needs a solid waterproof solution to carry joints. Though it is advertised mainly for cigarette storage, this container is the best quality compact joint protector on the market. This one may lack the overall Christmas theme but is something that any joint smoker would be grateful to receive in their stocking.

8. Pot Leaf Socks

Cost: $30

These socks designed by Socksmith Pot Loversand sold on Amazon features different colored backgrounds with pot leaves dressed in Santa hats. They are available for men and women and come in red, blue, black green, pink, and yellow. The price itself may make you hesitate, but these socks are made from 100% authentic hemp and built to last and manufactured right here in Canada. For a gift that will warm their hearts and feet, these pot leaf socks are guaranteed to be a huge hit.

9. Marijuana Horticulture Book

Cost: $38.56

Is your unsuspecting recipient interested in gardening and horticulture? If so then this book may be just what they need. This 512-page ultimate how-to guide to the growing and cultivation of cannabis includes information on indoor and outdoor growing and various strains of marijuana. It includes everything you could ever need to know to successfully grow cannabis anywhere including a hand guide on how to build a greenhouse and is available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German.

10. Merry Christmas Mug

Cost: $14.39

Last but not least on our list is a Merry Christmas Pot Leaf Mug. The cup has a wide base to prevent tipping and is painted with a white base. Decorated with a decal on the front of a pot leaf decorated like a Christmas tree including a bright yellow star on top. Color changing heat sensitive mugs are also an option for a little bit extra. Sweet and simple is sometimes best, and this one is sure to warm any stoner from the inside out this season.

Having a hard time choosing? Or perhaps nothing here is quite what you are searching for. If you didn’t find the perfect weed gift on this list or feel that you may need a little bit more for choices before committing, head over to our list of weed board games and out top ten weed lighters of 2018 for some more great gift ideas to suit the weed lover in your life.

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