The perfect cannabis-inspired Mother’s Day gifts in 2020

Published May 5, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Mother’s Day is nearly here, and a lot of people are wondering how they should show their appreciation, but settling on the perfect Mother’s Day gifts is never an easy challenge, and that is especially true if your mom loves herself some green. There are plenty of tackier options out there that are geared towards older cannabis culture, but few are relatable, fun, or worth the effort of locating for such a special person. Since you probably want to shoot to impress, you’ll need the real low down on Mother’s Day gifts that are well suited to the occasion, and we’ve got the scoop just for you.

Wake and bake breakfast

No matter what the age, most mothers will appreciate the value of a homemade meal, so the added special touch of some green will help to complete the deal. You could whip up a hearty cannabis-infused breakfast casserole or go all out with a cheese omelet and some cannabutter bacon to add some extra flair served alongside her favorite cup of freshly made brew.  Since no one knows your mom better than you, this idea is ripe to be personalized, and if you need some other idea, then you might want to head on over to our recipes section for inspiration.

A 420 friendly Mother’s Day card

Mother’s Day gifts for the woman who has everything are few and far between, but thanks to some creative cannabis enthusiasts, there are hundreds of pre-made options online that are easy to send without ever having to lift a finger to go searching. If you’re a crafty individual who prefers a more personal touch and handmade décor, then you can always head on over to Pinterest for some fantastic ideas that are sure to make your mom smile on her big day. All you really need is some paper, markers, and a little bit of weed, and you are bound to come up with something fun and affordable.

The perfect pipe

Every stoner needs a device that makes them go ooh, as it works flawlessly to deliver the experience, and that includes moms, but since they are so unlikely to spend extra money on a fancy device for themselves, it’s rare that they have one that they truly admire, and that’s what makes this one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas on this list. Choose one that will take getting high to a whole new level, like a crystal or heavy-duty glass pipe that is designed to the nines.


It might have cute little animals on the side, some cool cartoon characters, a beautiful arrangement of flowers, or it might sparkle and shine from the inside out. If you’ve got a hands-on mom that likes to build her own things, then you might even want to check out the ‘build a bong’ or DIY pipe kits that will allow her to explore all of her wildest fantasies, with pieces that fit perfectly together without struggle. The choice is yours, and the opportunities with this one are endless.

An arrangement that’s made out of edibles

Edibles can make a stellar Mother’s Day present, but alone they kind of lack the pizazz that you need to really make an impression, which is why we highly recommended you consider a more elegant choice like an edibles arrangement. We’ve even got the blueprints down if you want to know how to make one made of fruit, but this loving display can consist of any combination that your mom might like. Think candies, cakes, fruits, cookies, or any other sweet treat that she adores, and then look for an edibles recipe that will explain how to make it yourself. She’ll be proud of both your culinary skills and the beauty of it all.

Unique cannabis product combinations

Mother’s day gifts don’t have to be stressful, especially if you know exactly what she likes, and can find a vendor or supplier that offers it pre-made because it’s not hard to toss together a cute little gift basket using things like a handful of edibles and a cup along with some gorgeous wrap to hold it all together. Combine things like edibles, moon rockets, moon rocks, or just a smorgasbord of concentrates that includes all of her favorite strains. With this idea, you can still get creative while avoiding the serious work that goes into making the most delectable cannabis goods, and it really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Mothers Day is a pretty big deal in the cannabis industry


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