Mother's Day is a pretty big deal in the cannabis industry

Published May 2, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s that time of year again when most people take an entire day and dedicate it to the woman who gave them life. This is no small holiday, as gift cards, flowers, and spa days see some of their biggest sales on Mother’s Day, but few believe that it holds any relevance when it comes to the cannabis industry, and they honestly couldn’t be any more wrong in their way of thinking.

Moms are just like any other human. Entitled to a break from time to time and a bit of indulgence here and there, and cannabis is no exception. Though we aren’t exactly sure how many moms are cannabis smokers, some studies suggest that parents make up approximately 65% of those who have tried it, around 54% of the total consumers that exist right now, and 23% of current tokers have at least one child that is under the age of 18 years.

Reasons why

Those are huge numbers, but it completely makes sense when you think about it, and we’re going to explain a little about why.

1. Stress

Stress is a pretty common thing to deal with these days, and it’s certainly not something that is solely an issue for mothers, but you have to admit, it can be really crazy and stressful chasing after human beings all day, especially when they never seem to run out of energy. It can be great, but motherhood is also a challenging task, and while some manage to cool down over a tall glass of wine, or a jog around the block, many rely on the soothing benefits of cannabis to keep them from going crazy.

2. Laughs

Whether your children are young or fully grown, nothing is better than soaking in a room full of laughter, and in weird or awkward moments, this can often be enough to break the ice and take the attention off whatever issue you may have at hand. Whether you’ve got financial troubles floating around in the back of your mind, or a high-pressure job that consistently draws your attention away, nothing can slice through that level of tension quite like a good laugh with your kids.

3. Pain

Starting a family changes many things in life, but one of the first things it does before your little bundle of joy even arrives, is to stretch and push the body to its limits, and we don’t just bounce right back once the baby is born. Luckily, mothers are blessed, with just long enough time to heal before their little ones yank them into a whole new reality of motion. From that point on, nothing is ever the same, but one of the biggest things that moms complain about is aches and pains that tend to progress later in life, and since cannabis can help to relieve it, it just makes sense to use it rather than seeking pharmaceutical options.


4. Focus

A lot of people use cannabis as a way to avoid the things that are happening, but in some cases, they can actually help you to focus, and this is particularly true with certain strains. Think of all the noise that children make, combined with the loud mind of a constantly thinking mother, and it’s easy to see how it could become hard to keep a straight thought for much more than a moment or two.

5. Staying sober

Technically, you can definitely get pretty messed up with cannabis products, but for the average consumer, the effects are light, and manageable which makes it easy to continue throughout each day as a functional human being. There are also no hangovers with cannabis that could eat up precious time, and all of these things make it really hard to tell if someone is even high. For moms, this is perfect because they can have a good time, relax and unwind without putting themselves or their children in harm's way.

Why you probably didn’t realize that so many moms are consumers

Mother’s day leads to significant hikes in sales at recreational dispensaries, which is another excellent indicator of how important this section of consumers really are, and even though it’s not really that hard to figure out why cannabis or pipes could make great mother’s day gifts, many still wonder why we don’t see this group very highly represented in the market.

The truth is that mothers everywhere have long faced discrimination for smoking weed, and when there is someone so important as a child to risk, you simply don’t talk about it. For most, it’s much easier to keep things quiet, and then, by the time the kids are grown and gone, it just becomes more comfortable to continue on hiding in the shadows. That is especially true when you’ve surrounded yourself with people who might not necessarily agree with such an open stance, so most moms just aren’t truthful about their love for cannabis.

Pot and parenting remain a stigmatized combination


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