The new weed-themed Simpsons episode hit home with consumers

Published Apr 6, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The Simpsons television series is now on its 31stseason, and cannabis enthusiasts everywhere have long awaited the release of an episode that highlighted society’s shift of opinion on weed. As each country introduced its own version of legality, it was only a matter of time before the makers of the show had no choice but to follow suit with other world-famous series by touching on the introduction of the legal cannabis industry.

The episode which aired on March 22nd was one that connected with consumers everywhere, thanks to its real-life comparisons that so many cannabis lovers struggle with accepting today. The setting of the industry that not so long ago was mainly in illegal facilities, and sold from the couches of stoners everywhere for a price has now been shown off in an entirely different light, which is ultimately a struggle for Homer and Marge Simpson on last week’s show.

The introduction to the topic started off like any other episode, with a smiling Marge Simpson innocently browsing while shopping, but it doesn’t take long for her to notice the swaths of people lining up at what appears to be a brand new health supplement store for a job fair. Delighted by the excitement and inspired by the crowds that the business drew in, Marge decides to apply for a position herself, which she gets thanks to her motherly ways.

The store's owners love Marge Simpson, as she is able to make their customers feel safe during what can often be an anxiety-filled endeavor, and so they immediately ask all other applicants to leave before congratulating her on their new partnership. At this point, Marge is so happy to be hired that she doesn’t even realize that she just got a job to sell cannabis, and it takes a couple of awkward interactions before she works up the nerve to ask what the business is all about.

At first, Marge seemed to be appalled by the idea, and despite several attempts from the dispensary’s owner, she leaves discouraged and upset about the proposal, but once she goes home and explains to her husband, Homer Simpson, what happened that day, he encourages her to take the position. It’s a shocking revelation, but one that is taken in stride, as she sets back out to try to score the job of her life, selling cannabis.

In the beginning, all seems well, as Marge encourages customers to buy the products that are geared toward their needs, and the hilarious interactions reveal some of the realities that budtenders and consumers everywhere face. From principal Seymore’s mother, who finally acts like a caring mother after taking a cannabis-infused product to the bus driver Otto, who has long been the target for stoner jokes in the series, comes in to make a purchase, and leaves empty-handed after feeling overwhelmed by the vastly different experience.

As Marge flourishes at her new job, the situation gives Homer Simpson a stellar idea when Otto comes into the bar to drink because he feels way too uncomfortable to buy legal weed from a fancy dispensary. If his loving wife could sell cannabis, then it only made sense that he too could offer similar services with a more laid-back approach.


With the help of other Simpsons characters, Homer turns a back room at his local bar into a full-fledged dispensary, only instead of shiny glass cases, customers are greeted with a tie-dyed stoner, a comfortable couch, and an old-school transaction that is so familiar it makes Otto break down into tears. Unfortunately, Marge’s boss doesn’t like what Homer is doing, and that is when she is faced with two options.

The first was to walk away from a job that she loved and a profession she had grown to respect, and the second required her to set up Homer Simpson so that his operation would shut down for good. After some hesitation, she opts for the second one, driven by the belief that budtending should be a clean and professional gig and not something that just any hippy can do from a couch.

In conclusion

In the end, Marge Simpson remains working at the cannabis dispensary, and it is unclear if the show will continue with this wildly taboo shift in a job description, but in the meantime, viewers everywhere are talking about how this episode managed to perfectly portray their own struggles with such a significant change. Most stoners are far more comfortable sticking with the black market, and the so-called illicit activity is something that many of us don’t have a problem with, and if anything, we might even prefer it.

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