What’s a Budtender?

Published Mar 2, 2019 10:42 a.m. ET
Have you heard the term before? Are you wondering what a budtender is?

Budtender for hire

Off to look for a job “made for me”. How often have you heard that since October 17, 2018? That's the day that marijuana use became legal throughout Canada and the job market has exploded.

How much do budtender’s make

In Canada, the average budtender salary is $13.69 per hour.

Budtender job requirements

The requirements for this job are as follows:

  1. Knowledge of marijuana strains and the products available
  2. Great organizational skills
  3. Trustworthy and reliable, friendly with excellent customer service
  4. Squeaky clean criminal record

How to get a job as a budtender

There are many ways to secure a job as a budtender. If you would like to work in the dispensary section of cannabis industry, I might suggest a budtender certificate course.

This is an intense four-hour cannabis training course. You will be administered a certification test at the completion of the course. This course at present is not offered to individuals. It is however offered to companies as private training to further educate their staff.


Here is a typical breakdown of the course by HempStaff:

• Canada marijuana laws
• Benefits of marijuana and power of cannabinoids and terpenes
• Symptoms of medical conditional that can be alleviated
• Appropriate marijuana dosses
• The endocannabinoid system interaction with cannabinoids

The position of cannabis budtender may be known by other names; patient liaison, compassion care technician and dispensary agent. However, the name is written on your nametag the job description remains the same. It is the description of the person behind the counter of a dispensary that is knowledgeable about the products that they sell. With their training, they will have the ability to educate the customers on the different strains available and the effects that they can expect to feel.

At present,there is no Canadian approved certification for dispensary training in any province in Canada

Budtender jobs will also entail that users are compliant with the highly regulated, Cannabis laws.

• Age requirement will be checked to ensure the sale is to a legal age customer
• The 30-gram maximum amount per customer will be adhered to
• No cannabis consumption can be consumed in the dispensary
• The legal hours of operation must be adhered to
• Staff at dispensary will have to have a clear criminal background check and complete a mandatory. Training in safe selling

Alright so now we know what the requirements are to you becoming a budtender. The salary for front line entry into the cannabis dispensary industry is usually minimum wage as reflected in the average Budtender salary in Canada. To ensure that you are going to receive a fair consideration when applying for the job, I suggest you also make yourself knowledgeable about the accessories that dispensaries stock and sell. Your familiarity with the different methods of using marijuana will be paramount in the selection of a budtender. Knowledge of the different pipe vapes and edibles will be expected.

To sum up, the general attributes needed for a budtender are simple.  A Budtender is to provide education and guidance to the customer on all cannabis products so that the experience that the customer experience will be memorable in a most pleasing manner. Enjoy your shopping!



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