Go big this year with a cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 7, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
Unsplash / Jamie Street

If your romantic partner or love interest enjoys weed just as much as you do, then now is the perfect time to start planning a fantastical Valentine’s day for both of you! With so many options on the market today it’s never been easier to fill a whole day with cannabis-inspired romance, and here you’ll find some great suggestions to help you get started.

Wake and bake with weed for breakfast

From the very first moment you wake it’s possible to incorporate weed in the mix, and how you do this may depend on personal preference, budget, and time constraints, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Of course, who wouldn’t love a cannabis-infused meal served in bed? Still an infused side dish or coffee or a bowl packed full of your partner's favorite strain are ways you’ll be guaranteed to impress.

Go on a cannabis-fueled date

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s time to head out on a date with cannabis as a third wheel to keep you both company the whole way through. Pick up a pack of edibles to take on a hike, roll a big fat joint for a stroll through a local park, or buy a bottle of capsules to make consistent and reliable dosing and effects last. Take in a movie, sit under the stars with a spliff, or visit local venues like museums or galleries for a truly one-of-a-kind elevated experience.

Make time for some romance at home

There is something amazing about taking cannabis out for a romantic adventure, but with so many people watching in public you’re not likely to get too intimate, so it’s a good idea to carve out some time dedicated to snuggling up and having a little cannabis fueled fun in the comfort of your own home. Light a weed-scented candle, break out the blunts and a sappy movie, or a fancy bottle of wine to sip on while you talk.

Give the gift of cannabis


Cannabis is the perfect gift for a fellow enthusiast and there’s no shortage of choices, but the ones you pick should reflect the needs and desires of your partner. Some might opt for a bag of weed or a couple of gold-foiled blunts, while others may prefer an infused bottle of alcohol, a bouquet of flower, or some type of cannabis extract. Even on a budget and with minimal information, it’s not hard to say I love you with the right cannabis Valentine's day gifts.

Have some fun with cannabis in the bedroom

As the day comes to a close, and your adventures (and energy levels) start to fade, it might be time to head to the bedroom, and though not every romantic will have this option on Valentine’s day, those that do should take full advantage of the possibilities. Run a hot steam bath complete with a cannabis-infused bath bomb, and follow up with some sexy clothes and infused massage oil or lube to reduce friction and get the blood pumping.

Don’t forget to prepare

To pull off this special occasion without a hitch, it’s essential to plan ahead and prepare by purchasing the majority of cannabis products you’ll need well in advance, so don’t forget to make a checklist and visit a local dispensary before the big day arrives.

Avoid having a bad experience with weed this Valentines Day


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