Avoid having a bad experience with weed this Valentine's Day

Published Feb 2, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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This Valentine’s Day should be intimate, special, and memorable. At least, that’s what most excited romantics are hoping for, and it’s an achievable goal, especially with a little bit of help from cannabis.

The trouble is that it’s a fine line between a fantastical day and night of tingling sensations, relaxation - if you’re lucky, some extra heat between the sheets, and a complete disaster.

If you want to have the best Valentine’s Day possible with cannabis, then you’re definitely going to want to follow these five tips and tricks.

1. Plan a romantic night in

It’s not uncommon to want to plan a magical day filled with fun stops and adventures along the way. Maybe you want to take in a flick, go out to dinner, or dance the night away at a local bar. No matter what it may be, it’s probably got your heart in butterflies thinking about how romantic the holiday could be, but you might want to rethink those plans to accommodate the potential effects of cannabis, which can be powerfully intoxicating.

2. Stick to low-dosed cannabis products

Whether you’re diving head first into a bottle of wine or breaking into a six-pack of cannabis beverages, or enjoying a finely curated three-course cannabis-infused meal, everything should be limited to low doses to make it easy to relax and unwind without feeling too intoxicated.

3. Don’t go overboard


It might seem like a good idea to stock up on all of the cannabis goodies your budget can afford for this special occasion, even if it’s just to have a range of choices should the mood strike, but it’s never a great idea to go overboard, even if you do decide to stay home, and that’s for a couple of different reasons. The first is obvious, it’s really easy to take too much and it would be devastating to green out on this big night. The second is because even though cannabis may help to enhance sexual pleasure, it can also have the opposite effect, making you sleepy, numb, or simply unable to perform which could put quite the damper on the night.

4. Eat well and stay hydrated

If there’s one thing every good celebration needs, it’s a hearty meal and plenty of water to counteract any potential negative effects that may be inflicted by cannabis. Doing so may also help to ensure you wake up the next day feeling great and refreshed, instead of groggy or tired.

5. Arrange for a safe ride home

No matter where you might be for Valentine's day this year, if you’re using cannabis as a way to celebrate then it is essential to plan ahead and if possible make prior arrangements for a safe way to get both your and your partner home. Remember, if you want to stay the night a ride can always be canceled, but if you accidentally take things too far, at least you know you won’t be stuck inebriated and trying to find another way to get there, like driving yourself.

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