Stoney Valentine’s Day gift ideas for cannabis lovers

Published Feb 8, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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We all sometimes struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for that special someone, and it can be especially difficult when they’re in love with weed. Handing over a bag of green might seem a little lackluster, and any old pipe won’t do. This is a super special occasion that should be tackled with finesse and dedication to go the extra mile to find gift ideas that show just how much you care.

1. Valentine’s Day strains

The simplest gift ideas take us back to the basics, but as we said, a gram or two in a small plastic baggie might not be fancy enough to cut it, so why not start with strains that are romantically named? Or how about a few that are known to act as aphrodisiacs? If you’ve got a bigger budget and creative mind to work with, then you might also consider a beautiful arrangement like a cannabis bouquet or heart joints.

2. Cannabis perfume or cologne

Not everyone loves the idea of wearing cannabis scent 24/7, but those who do will adore a big bottle of this perfume. Some smell just like a fresh bud, while others use cannabis oil rather than other cutting agents so that it’s actually good for the skin, rather than drying or irritating. No matter which one you choose, he or she is bound to love the new aromatic addition.

3. Cannabis oil

There are so many different types of skin-safe cannabis oil combinations on the market today that there’s bound to be something for everyone. You can find everything from flowery THC-infused back massage oil to the simpler sunflower CBD alternative and so many other things in between. Intimate oils, foot soak oil, and even a basic coconut oil could make a wonderful gift on this special day, especially with a few small additions like a glass jar and brightly coloured bow or ribbon.


4. Name a star

You could wish upon a star or take a giant romantic leap and name a whole trackable light in the sky after the one that means the most to you. It’s one of those gift ideas that keep on giving and burning, just as hot as your love for one another. It’s dramatic, out of this world, and it gives you something to do on that special night and every single one thereafter. Roll up a blunt, sit under the moon with a microscope, and help him/her find it!

5. Dispensary gift cards

Dispensaries don’t often give big discounts on Valentine’s day, but you could save that special someone a break financially by picking up any number of dispensary gift cards. Of course, it’s important to make sure that using the card is convenient, so choose a location they’d normally shop through whenever possible. The best part is that they’ll get to spend it any way they like, and you can dress it up with nothing more than a cute little envelope and bow.

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s day!

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