A fall-inspired bong just in time for Halloween

Published Sep 11, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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As October approaches, the imaginative minds of the Halloween loving cannabis smokers go wild. The season is on the horizon, and the witching hour is soon approaching.  There is not only the excitement of the Halloween event itself, but also the advantage of an excuse to make your own DIY Halloween inspired bongs. First up, we will look at a homemade Halloween gravity bong.

What is a gravity bong?

The gravity bong is a method of cannabis consumption using two empty plastic bottles that will funnel smoke through water to deliver a thick cloud of cannabis to your lungs. It is a simple process, and a perfect beginner bong for getting stoned during a ghoulish psychoactive experience.

How to use a gravity bong

The gravity bong works by submerging a small bottle that has a bowl of cannabis installed on the top, into a pool of water that is held by a larger container.

  1. Lighting the marijuana in the bowl needs to involve a slow draw on the bottle that is not in the water; as this will fill the container with smoke from the ignited cannabis.

  2. You then need to unscrew the lid of the container and put your mouth over the opening of the bottle.

  3. Now push the bottle down and let gravity do its job to propel the marijuana smoke into your lungs.

Will it get me more stoned?

Cannabis users have often wondered if gravity bongs produce a higher experience, and the answer is yes. The inhaling from a gravity bong forces the heavy concentration of smoke to be beyond the average hit experienced from a joint or pipe. When inhaling from the gravity bong, you are inhaling the full bowl of cannabis, in one single shot.

How to make a simple gravity Halloween bong


Perhaps you are looking for the traditional Halloween pumpkin bong.  Nothing is better than embracing the Halloween time of the year stoned. Follow the instructions below to have your own Halloween bong. The pumpkin bong is the best way to embrace the Halloween season. Pumpkins are the perfect tool for this challenge because they are hollow and easy to carve, but any type of squash will do.

You will need:

  • Small sharp knife
  • Down stem
  • Bottle of water
  • Permanent magic marker
  • Pumpkin
  • Spiders and scary web fibers

Here is how we make our very ghoulish pumpkins, EEK!

  1. Mark the pumpkin with the marker where you want the down-stem and mouthpiece to be. They should be on opposite sides of each other.

  2. Now cut the stem of the pumpkin, remove the guts and fill with the bottled water until it reaches the down stem.

  3. Next, you will want to place the top back on to the pumpkin.

  4. Now you can test the amount of water by inhaling through the mouthpiece so that you can adjust it accordingly.

  5. You can now ready for the ghoulish delights of your labor by using your brand-new homemade gravity bong.

Some of the best Halloween themed strains for your enjoyment

  • Diablo OG
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Black Widow
  • Voodoo
  • Green Goblin
How to make a gravity bong


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