What are gravity bongs?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:18 p.m. ET

Those new to cannabis culture have probably heard the term gravity bong or geeb before, but likely have no clue what the terms mean. So, what is a gravity bong? A gravity bong is a tool used for smoking cannabis (and other smokables) and geeb is just the slang for gravity bong. Both waterfall bongs and bucket bongs are considered gravity bongs. Both use air pressure and water to draw out smoke for the user to inhale. Even using a water bottle as a bong would be classified as gravity bong. Gravity bongs are now commonly sold in glass form but are most famously known as the go-to DIY smoking device that can be tossed when you are finished with it. Gravity bongs can offer more massive and more condensed hits then a pipe or joint can offer.

How to make a homemade gravity bong

A bucket bong is made using two containers. One container acts as the bucket to hold the water. The second, the upper part with a spout, is where the bowl is located. Once the bowl is lit, the bottle can slowly be pulled from the water which will draw out the smoke. Then the lid with bowl can be removed, and the contents of the pop bottle can be inhaled.

A waterfall bong can be made using one bottle with a small hole towards the base so the water can drain. As the water floods out of the bottle, air is sucked through the bowl and allows your cannabis to burn while the bong fills with smoke.

Excited to try one? If you have the cash and want to splurge on something fancy you can swing by your local head shop and likely find one. Glass gravity bongs vary significantly in price but can usually be purchased for between $30 to a few hundred dollars depending on the quality you seek. If you’re looking to test one out, then you have come to just the right place.  Below you will find two DIY projects to show you exactly how to make one with things you likely already have lying around at home.

DIY bucket bong

Materials needed:

  • two pop bottles (one large and one small) or one pop bottle of any size and another container large and deep enough to act as the bucket.
  • one small piece of tinfoil
  • one lid from a pop bottle
  • a lighter or torch
  • scissors
  • toothpick or pin

Step 1- Take your scissors and carefully remove the entire bottom of the smallest pop bottle. Cut just above where the bottom of the bottle begins to curve.

Step 2- Take the larger bottle and cut the top half of it completely off. Fill the bucket portion with water. If you have a pre-ready container for your bucket, then you can skip this step.

Step 3- Use a lighter or torch to melt a hole into the center of the bottle lid. Try to leave a bit of an edge. Once cooled cut a small piece of tinfoil. Start by making a cone shape with the bottom of the cone being the center of the foil. This will create a divet for the depth of your bowl. Then press down the edges. Cut off any excess and press all the edges to the threads of the lid.


Step 4- Test your lids ability to tighten onto the bottle spout with ease. If it's too snug, try removing a bit more foil from the edges. You can use anything thin and narrow like a needle, bobby pin or toothpick to make holes in the center of the bowl. Now place the bottle into the bucket. If it looks like there is too much space for air, then you can trim a bit more off the bottom of the container.

Step 5- It's time to test it out! Screw your lid on tightly and pack a bowl. Use either a torch or lighter and place it as close to the bowl as possible and slowly pull the bottle up. You should see the chamber fill quickly with smoke. Once you have a full bottle of smoke, remove the lid and inhale.

DIY waterfall bong (or water bottle gravity bong)

Materials needed:

  • one bottle
  • one large bucket or pot
  • electrical or Duct tape
  • one small piece of tin or aluminum foil
  • torch or lighter
  • toothpick or pin

Step 1- Choose a bottle. Taller is generally better. Using a heated nail or pin, poke one hole into the side of the bottle near the bottom. This is where the water will drain. Make sure it is high enough that the water won't just flood the table it's sitting on when used, but also low enough that you won't be left with a bottle still half full of water. Cover the hole with a small piece of electrical or duct tape.

Step 2- Cut or melt a hole into the middle of the lid for your bowl. Wrap with tinfoil leaving a small indent that can be packed with bud. Using a toothpick or pin, poke several holes into the center of the foil. When finished ensure lid fits snug but isn't too difficult to remove. Sometimes just turning the lid on and off a few times will pack the foil into the threads, allowing it to fit more naturally.

Step 3- Fill the bottle with water. As high as you can without risking the bowl getting wet. Next, place your freshly made waterfall bong on the edge of a table. Place a bucket or pot underneath where it will catch any water draining from the pinhole.

Step 4- Time to give it a try! Pack your bowl with whatever smokable you prefer and hold a flame to the bowl. Pull the tape off the pinhole and watch as your bottle fills with thick smoke. Once the bottle is empty, the lid can be removed, and the user can inhale the contents.



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