A review of the Weeds television series

Published Dec 2, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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This dark comedy had eight seasons and is now looking forward to a sequel in the near future. Nancy Botwin who is played by actress Mary-Louis Parker is a mother of two that has just become widowed, and she is stressed and grieving and struggling. That is when she see that there is a massive market for marijuana and kicks into survival mode right away.

What’s happened so far

She desperately wants to keep the same lifestyle that her two boys have always had so she jumps right into the business of selling weed to the people in her suburbia neighborhood in southern California. Her brother in law andy moves in to help raise her two boys, and he loves to toke. She also has an accountant friend and a narcissistic neighbor Celia Hodes and weed grower, Connard Sheperd. Of course, there was plenty of smoking weed going on in the show, but that was just lettuce.

The first three seasons of Weeds seem to have been the most loved by loyal fans. It got a little outlandish after that .with moving around, and all of the drama of drug lords and the DEA. There was a flicker of romance as she ends up dating a DEA agent that she marries in secret. It was a little shocking but added a nice twist to the show and improved what many viewers ended up thinking of the series.

When season three was ending, things started going down south as Nancy found a new supplier and needed to pay gang members for protection, which ended with the gang burning down not only her rivals crop but the whole neighborhood that left the Botwin's moving to a fictional town called Ren mar. That's when Nancy had a baby with her new boss! That was, of course, a drug kingpin. Her son Shane ended up killing a woman they all were forced to go on the run while making hash in a washing machine in their RV.

Then they were tracked down by the kingpin. Nancy turned herself and son into the FBI, having Shane confess to his crime. It almost seemed like she was going to take some responsibility. But after her three years in jail, she started hooking up with her cellmates brother, and of course, he was a drug dealer, and she almost ended up back in jail .there were some heart-pounding moments, not a boring show there was always some twist going on that kept us guessing. By season twelve, it was time to say goodbye to Weeds, as the series was ultimately canceled by Showtime.


Will there be a Weeds sequel?

There is currently a sequel to Weeds in the works! Many fans are delighted to hear about the Weeds sequel where Mary Louise Parker is teaming up with Starz for a marketing campaign later on this month. It is going to be interesting to see how the sequel begins, and we are all waiting patiently for the date of its release especially with marijuana so close to becoming legal in the states.

The Botwin’s are going to be having adventures where she will be growing weed, owning cafes, or back to selling weed to her neighbors . Either way, ratings are going to be amazing.  So get ready for some legal weed smoking and a fun-filled sequel to the dark cannabis-themed comedy Weeds.

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