The greatest references to marijuana use on popular tv shows

Published Jul 26, 2019 10:10 a.m. ET
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Though cannabis use has long been a taboo subject, it has been featured in the media over the last several years in a much more positive light. Many television series that have nothing to do with pot still have an episode or two dedicated to its effects. If you are looking for some excellent stoner themed shows, then kick back, relax and check out these ten tv series and the very best episodes that have been released and have focus on smoking pot, might even be better when you watch them high.

1. Rick and Morty

On air: 2013-present

This hilarious series has more than its fair share of drug consumption, but the only time that Rick has ever been on-screen smoking marijuana was in season two, episode two, where the duo drifts off to dreamland, only to be attacked in their dreams by Scary Terry, a mock version of Freddy Krueger that spends most of the episode hunting and intimidating Rick and Morty, who eventually realizes that the monster is little more than a lost soul in need of guidance. They team up and stand against Terry's bullying from his nightmares, which completes the mission. Meanwhile, the family pup is back home creating his own dog army to take over the world. The episode ends on a positive note with Rick and Scary Terry smoking marijuana in a fat blunt before returning home to convince Snuffles to take his canine fleet to a different planet.

2. That 70's Show

On air: 1988-2006

Most stoners fondly remember That 70's Show as one of the very first online series with open cannabis use in every single episode. Though most of the time, the actors act slow, dim-witted and lazy after marijuana use, reinforcing many of the stereotypical beliefs that have long circulated, It set a precedent at a time where society had begun to move towards marijuana legalization. The group of high school pals is often seen sitting in a circle in Eric's parent's basement surrounded by a cloud of smoke. There are bonding, laughter and some serious decision making that happens in the smoking circle that won the hearts of millions of viewers. Cannabis use was finally shown as a tool, rather than a scary drug which was incredibly progressive at that time, long before marijuana legalization.

3. American Dad

On air: 2005-present

If you are familiar with the series, then you already know about the two lovable stoner characters Hailey and Jeff. The pair are often seen throughout every season getting high, or with bloodshot eyes, but the most notable episode that is actually based on marijuana products is in season fourteen episode five. Titled Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory, where Jeff wins a tour through his local pot factory and invites Stan along for the ride. The duo is greeted by an eerie owner, and the entire episode is designed to mock the old school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, but with a twist. The evil owner Timmie believes Stan is a narc, so he rolls him a specially blended joint to take him out. Before the effects can take hold, Stan and Jeff wander away from the tour and discover the everlasting edible. The roll eventually turns Stan into a small purple man and the pair bond as they plot their escape from the wondrous world hidden within a Dank Vape factory.

4. Family Guy

On air: 1999-present

This long-running animated comedy often touches on more taboo subjects, including cannabis use, but there is one episode in particular that focused on marijuana legalization. Brian, the family dog, starts advocating and tries to raise awareness in the small town of Quahog. He has very little success until he is joined by the baby, Stewie, who helps him to put on a musical featuring the Bag of Weed song. Though this one might not be for everyone with a stoned baby and dog being the main characters, if you have a good sense of humor then you may desire to check it out in season seven episode twelve.

5. The Simpsons

On air: 1989-present

Homer Simpson has long been known for his alcoholism but in one episode all that changes when he is introduced to medical marijuana. After a massive eye injury, in season thirteen episode sixteen, Homer is prescribed regular cannabis use. Though at first, he is weary, after one puff he is hooked and acting like an entirely new person. The man who once hated his daughter, Lisa's saxophone suddenly can't get enough of the Blue's, and that's not all, every aspect of his life seems to change for the better, from his daily drive to work, to his healed eye pain. What was once traumatizing, now long placed into the past. Unfortunately, the series doesn't take this new and improved version of Homer into future episodes, but it was nice to witness an alcohol-free father that genuinely benefited from cannabis use portrayed on such a popular animated show.

6. How I Met Your Mother


On air: 2005-2014

This drama-comedy sitcom did quite well for nearly a decade, and its fan-based included a broad age range. Though most will fondly remember the series as the quirky romantic story of Ted, the man who is telling his story to his children about meeting their mother, the variety of relatable characters took the shows in several directions and adventures along the way. To start out, all the characters are childless and young, seeking purpose in the heart of a big expensive city and sticking together through thick and thin and would often end up at a small local bar with affordable drinks to hang out and chat. While you will see more alcohol consumption than anything, the final two series include several references to cannabis use where the group had a code word for it, which was sandwiches. There is, however, one episode, season seven episode ten, where Ted and Marshall got stoned out of their minds together at a concert while Barnie and Robin come to terms with their cheating ways.

7. Trailer Park Boys

On air: 2001-present

Some people would argue that this show would be a given and that there isn't a single episode in the series that doesn't include smoking marijuana in some form or another. However, there are a few select clips that stand out from the rest, The Mustard Tiger, which is in season seven episode five, provides some ridiculously accurate insight into what really can and often does happen without marijuana legalization with some humor thrown in. The gang hires Jacob and two of his closest pals to transport cannabis over the border, but they never return. The guys are flabbergasted. Concerned for the massive financial loss, as well as for the safety of their runners, Julian, Ricky and Bubbles go on a search to bring them home safe and sound.

8. Adventure Time

On air: 2010-2018

Adventure Time started out as an animated comedy meant for adults when it was initially released on adult swim, but since, it has morphed into a family-friendly base, with less subtle hints about things like drinking and smoking marijuana. Though you won't ever see these characters partake in cannabis use outwardly, there are many hidden stoner "eggs" throughout every season. Have you ever noticed the clocks and how they never change? One of the most consistent marijuana references is made by always showing the clocks at 4:20, the infamous time to spark one up. Check it out for yourself, unless there is an importance to the time, the hands will always stay in the same spot.

9. Workaholics

On air: 2011-2017

This comedy ended abruptly in 2017, when it was canceled, much to the dismay of fans. The series included many scenes that touched on smoking marijuana including Super Blunt Sunday in Jerking Beef Boys and the Best Buds episodes, but the best cannabis use reference was made in the final airing called Party Gods. After a seven-year run, the makers of the show wanted to go out with a bang, so the finale features everyone from the office coming together to build a unique bong system, that allows them all to smoke their last buds together. The trick is all the planning that is necessary to make the meager amount go as far as possible. Watch as the gang work together to design a true stoner's dream, a machine that turns only a few buds into a party's worth of smoking marijuana.

10. South Park

On air: 1997-present

South Park has remained relatively restricted with its cannabis use references, which is likely due to most of the characters being in the fourth grade, but there is one episode that was truly made for stoners. This one is the origin story of Towlie, a small towel with human-like features that are always walking around asking people if they want to get high. Unfortunately, Towlie takes a downward spiral towards harder substances like cocaine, until he is saved by Cartman's dad, who is running his own grow operation for a living. Though this happened, the lovable character still made a few short appearances later in the series, featured in season five episode eight.

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