Top exhibitors from the Toronto O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo 2019

Published Apr 30, 2019 10:45 a.m. ET

Every cannabis industry event comes with its own individual focus and feel, and the Toronto O'Cannabiz Conference and Expo delivered in a way that has yet to be seen in Canada until now. The coming together of hundreds of vendors and exhibitors including licensed producers, dispensary owners, software creators, inventors and more. This year’s event contained over a hundred incredible exhibits and speakers, so here we will give you a recap including ten of the most interesting booths at the O’Cannabiz Expo this year.

1. CannTX

World cannabis industry leaders from Guelph Ontario were at the Toronto O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo. What sets this company apart from other licensed producers is the way they manage to reproduce the exact same product, again and again, using a technique that uses one main mother plant to keep the genetics of all seedlings copies of the plat they were harvested from. Demonstrators from Cann TX came equipped with plants, grow lights, and info-graphics to easily explain the process to interested attendees.

2. Aurora

Aurora is a licensed marijuana producer that supplies both the medical and recreational markets with enough product to fill shelves. Though this company is relatively new and only began growing weed strains of their own in 2016, they are currently one of the biggest, safest, and most reliable medical marijuana producers in the world. Their facility which is located in Cremona Alberta works with patients while maintaining involvement from seed to sale, ensuring the most successful experience possible for patients seeking relief. Aurora’s product line consists of so much more than just dry herb and includes soft gels, milled blends, decarboxylated cannabis, and other THC and CBD products.

3. Rolling Greens

Canada’s first ever 100% 420 friendly golf course is opening this summer in place of Lombard Glen which is located just outside of Smith Falls in Ontario Canada. Golfers will be free to enjoy either alcohol or cannabis while out on the greens. According to Gordon Weiske who is the director of entertainment for the club alcohol will be available for purchase on site, but unfortunately due to federal restrictions, at least for now any customers who want to toke while they hit a few rounds of golf will need to BYOW (bring your own weed).

4. The Green Chef

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to infuse more extravagant dishes like cheese and pasta with cannabis? Since the majority of the recreational black market edibles that are currently available center around different types of medicated candy or drinks that don’t offer much for selection or girth, it was surprising almost everyone who took a moment to stop and witness The Green Chef from Toronto Ontario himself at work making marijuana edibles including cheese, meat, soup, pasta, and a few decadent desserts for excited spectators who watched in awe as he converted some of the most commonly eaten comforts foods into infused goodies.

5. SeedERP

This technologically advanced newbie on the cannabis industry scene is a smart retail tools and software store for potential and current dispensary license holders. SeedERP goes from seed to seal using both cannabis and hemp-based products. On display at the Toronto O’Cannabiz Expo and Conference were several new aged CBD oil dispenser machines. Vending machines for cannabinoids that have already been rolled out quite successfully, with the average company clearing $200 000 in profit in their first year of making one available to the public in trail runs across both Canada and the United States,


6. Medijane

Medijane made an interesting additional to the Expo with the legalization of marijuana edibles so soon on the horizon. On display were three different types of the soon to be released product line Medi Strips which include either melatonin, caffeine, vitamin B12 in a delicious dissolvable strip that offers perfectly measured doses. Though the products shown and passed out as samples at this event are not yet available, they will be the very first dissolvable CBD and THC infused boosted strips to hit the market in October once the ban is lifted.

7. Headset

An analytical data company which at first glance appears like any other, but a few moments with exhibit attendants revealed an insight into the importance of crunching the numbers if you want to be successful at entering such a brand new and consistently changing industry. They were popular among the business professionals on day one and come day two were most talked about thanks to a neat little gift that consists of a one hitter weed pipe branded with Headset logo. This business knows how to cater to an audience while assisting owners and operators of licensed dispensaries and producers in making good financial decisions that can boost a new cannabis company resulting in better odds at surviving in the market.

8. College Boreal

Cannabis industry training is a brand-new sector that many secondary learning institutions have been taking into consideration resulting in the adding of necessary expertise courses for those who want to specialize in either selling, growing, or manufacturing marijuana products. This college offers 12 different specialized courses beginning as early as mid-summer to help get anyone started on working towards a career with pot.

9. Bundy Baking Solutions

An entire line of bake ware designed specifically with even dosing in mind was out on display for anyone who might be interested in selling them or buying some for themselves. Everything from muffin trays, cake pans, cookie sheets, and brownie pans come equipped with pre-molded divots for easy dividing into perfect servings. The kicker to this collection was the included recipe booklet to help even the least experienced bakers create their very own edibles with a sense of control in the comfort of their own homes.

10. Storz & Bickel

This company which originated in Tuttlingen Germany has been in the business of making and selling vaporizers for more than 150 years. On site at O’Cannabiz, the company showed off their highest quality marijuana vapes including the newest digital tabletop volcanoes and the mighty, a portable version of similar superior quality and style. These devices were available for demonstration (no cannabis) and sale for between $699-$1500 per unit or $450-$800 per unit if purchased in bulk. The shiny visual appeal is hard to ignore, and the massive inflated balloons were at the ready to demonstrate exactly how to use one to interested customers on site.



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