5 Things that every cannabis enthusiast should try at least once

Published Aug 16, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis users dabble in at least a couple of different pot products throughout the course of their experimentation, but very few travel outside of whatever they’re used to. The idea of using cannabis more uniquely can be terrifying, especially if it involves new devices, a torch, or brand new products that you’ve never seen before, but the plant has so much to offer that it’d be a waste to ignore the broad menu of items that are available today through your local dispensary.

Some worry about the possibility of wasting their money on something that might not work for them, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, and if you’ve only ever smoked regular cannabis flower, then we can pretty much guarantee that you’re missing out on a whole new world of possibilities. If you like the way that cannabis elements make you feel, then you’ll be amazed to discover some of the most exotic options that are out there, and here we’re going to tell you about five of them.

1. Dabbing

Dabbing is a really fun dance move, but it’s also one of the hottest cannabis consumption methods out there today because it offers a broad range of benefits to the average consumer. Dabs, which consist of a variety of cannabis concentrates, are superheated into a vapor, which is just enough to make the cannabinoids and terpenes dance while staying preserved in a smoke-like substance for you to inhale.

Cannabis concentrates are more potent than your typical flower, as they are made by condensing the most sought after elements, and the smooth compressed hits from a dab rig can offer a high, unlike anything you’ll ever get from a joint or a bong. Dabs are preferred by seasoned consumers and medicinal users alike, and they come in so many different forms, with each one offering a slightly different experience and taste.

2. Topical relief

Far too many cannabis enthusiasts laugh at the idea of topical products, not because they don’t believe that they work, but because they just won’t get you stoned like so many other methods of use will. While we cannot disagree with the fact that it’d be nice to get high by rubbing activated cannabinoids onto the skin, the benefits that these products have to offer go far beyond those which are sought after by medical patients.

Relaxing in a steaming hot tub that is full of THC oil thanks to a hearty dose of the pure product or a THC bath bomb will leave you tingling from head to foot, and it will wash away all of the aches and pains that come from a long hard week at work, or a stressful experience. It might not get you high, but the results are pretty close, as once your muscles give in to the magic of topical products, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

3. An elegant cannabis-infused meal

Edibles are becoming much more popular now that they are so easy to get on the legal market, but there is still a relatively large gap in between what is there ready and available for sale, and what cannabis consumers would prefer to have instead. We’ve all heard of the basics like pot brownies or cookies, which are typically made using cannabutter, but there is so much more out there if you’re willing to make it yourself.


What we're talking about are more elegant and sophisticated menu choices that aren’t chocked full of sugars and calories. But instead, how about a gently cannabis-infused steak, or a multi-layer cheesy lasagna recipe? These things will leave you feeling much less like a teen and more like a mature law-abiding adult who knows how to live big. We also highly recommend that you take this to the next level at least once, as a small dose is good, but a big one will leave you tingling from head to toe for several hours.

4. Cannabis concentrates

We’ve already mentioned the fact that cannabis concentrates which are sometimes referred to as dabs, offer a condensed level of potency that is impossible to find in pure flower alone, but most consumers don’t realize how much of a difference that can make to the overall experience. One way to compare the two is by using THC content, and with cannabis flower, the average range falls between 15%-21% THC, but with concentrates, the typical strength is closer to 80%-99%.

Cannabis concentrates can be up to 10 times stronger which means a much more intense buzz for you, but they also have other things to offer. Some like wax is really smooth to inhale, and others like shatter have a sharper hit that goes right to the head, but they offer slightly less flavor. Then there are combinations like terp sauce and THC crystals, and the sheer amount of the euphoric cannabinoid within these goods is enough to make any cannabis lover quiver.

5. Psilocybin

If you have already experimented with the more exotic cannabis products like edibles, dabs, or THC oil, then it might be time to consider something a little bit more exciting, and in order to find it, you might have to stray from the typical cannabis-based options that you’ve grown accustomed to. The effects of cannabis are great, but they cannot compare to those that are found with the help of psilocybin.

The incredible thing about this exchange is that both drugs are considered to be psychoactive, and yet each one utilizes an entirely different component to work its magic. Both are completely natural, but there is a bit more risk with psilocybin, as the effects are much more intense and longer-lived than those you’d expect from cannabis. If you’re looking to achieve a more elevated state of mind, without straying into man-made alternatives or toxins, then psilocybin could be the answer that you’ve been hoping for.

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