10 Surprising cannabis products and weed accessories you might not know about

Published Jun 24, 2019 11:14 a.m. ET
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Whether you enjoy recreational weed or the medicinal benefits that hemp and CBD products can provide, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find ten brand new, exciting, and unique products that most people don’t know exist just yet. Most are available now with purchase links, and the rest will be released after October once the federal regulations on cannabis and hemp products in Canada is adjusted.

1. Grainwave Belgian Style White Ale Villa

Cost: $9

Since younger generations have slowly been shifting their opinions on alcohol consumption, and are now drinking less than ever, it was almost inevitable that weed beer would be introduced at some point or another. This company, which is located in Colorado, has created a completely alcohol-free version that is being compared to a traditional Belgian white flavor with a twist. The formula provides a similar pace that it kicks in, generally taking around 2 minutes just like a regular alcoholic beverage without the awful hangover.

Where to buy Grainwave Belgian Style Ale: https://ceriabrewing.com

Right now, this weed beer is only available in Colorado, but as Federal regulations change, they hope to be available in other legal states and Canada both in store and online by 2021.

2. Magical Butter and Decarb kit

Cost: $249.99

This one is for the serious stoners, and when we say it does it all, we mean it. The V2 bundle includes the most sold butter machine one the market, a silicone decarb box which will protect your herb from burning in the oven, a love glove to keep your hands safe, one high-quality digital thermometer, and a filter bag. Everything you could ever need to make delicious edibles all in one place.

Where to buy a Magical Butter Decarb kit: https://growdaddycanada.com

3. Cannadom Cannabis Flavored Condoms

Cost: $105

These premium quality cannabis products do not contain any actual THC or CBD (yet), but what they do provide is a strong range of scents that resemble marijuana strains that you already know and love. Since these products come all the way from Europe, there isn’t a whole lot for options to choose from. Select either one single random flavored condom, or a pack of 100 that will range in tastes, smells, and colors like black and green. Aside from the stoner-friendly packaging, these are one for the more hardcore cannabis enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of new marijuana products in their lives.

Where to buy Cannadom cannabis flavored condoms: www.cannadom.com

4. CBD FX Chill Shot

Cost: $10

This lemon-flavored CBD juice contains 20mg of CBD per serving, and each bottle holds 2OZ of full spectrum hemp infused goodness. This flavor option includes L-Theanine, which is an essential amino acid that is commonly found in both black and green teas. Every container is packed full of cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and a delicious non-GMO lemon flavoring that will keep you coming back for more. There are also eight other flavor options to choose from, so you won’t get bored with the taste if you like the effects.

Where to buy a CBD FX Chill Shot: https://cbdfx.com

5. Creative Rolling Glue

Cost: $23.99

Now that marijuana legalization has hit Canada, there is no reason to keep your choice to smoke cannabis hidden. This has inspired quite a few people to investigate fancier and more glamorous joint rolls to impress their friends and enhance the experience. These DIY projects can be loads of fun, but when you start incorporating multiple rolls into one, you end up with a lot of room for error, One of the biggest reasons a fancy cannabis roll will fair is a lack of air seal which makes it impossible to draw from. Layering glue strips that have been removed from rolling papers is now a thing of the past, as you can buy a bottle of blunt glue that will last you forever for just over $20. It’s made of all-natural ingredients and won’t affect the taste or burn of a roll, so get creative and try some out for yourself.

Where to buy a bottle of Creative Rolling Glue: https://shinerollingpapers.com


6. Peter Piper’s Pecker Puffer

Cost: $5.65

Many are now aware of some of the benefits that cannabis can have on libido, especially if the proper strains are chosen, but few would have ever thought about making such a unique and versatile piece of paraphernalia. This 8-inch long glass dildo doubles as a handy pipe, and though we wouldn’t recommend attempting to use it for both at the same time, it’s a product most people had no idea existed.

Where to buy a Pete Piper’s Pecker Puffer: www.passionshop.com

7. Quick Strips

Cost: $10

Rapid dose therapeutics has partnered with Aphria Inc. to create a modern rapid dose delivery system which provides a health-conscious option to cannabis consumers that is beneficial on more than one level. Quick Strips has recently broken into the Canadian market with a hot new product that is garnering a massive amount of attention. There specially formulated breath strips come in a few flavors including cinnamon mint, and wintergreen, and inside of each one you can choose to have caffeine, B12, melatonin, and other vitamins alongside their cannabinoids of choice including both THC and CBD.

Where to buy Quick Strips: Unfortunately, they aren’t available in the infused variety in Canada yet, but they will be released shortly after October once the restrictions of THC and CBD concentrates are lifted.

8. Ganja Vibes Mary Jane vibrator

Cost: $79.69

Welcome to the very first ever pot leaf vibrator the Ganja Vibes. It is a powerful tool that is driven by a pleasure egg vibrator for multiple options rolled into one. The package comes with one TPR Ganga sleeve, 1 ABS controller, 1 plush multi-speed custom wheel controlled, a 4-foot-long cord, and a silk satin storage pouch to keep things clean and discreet. Though this one isn’t yet made with a waterproof option, it’s certainly a one of a kind models that you will not find anywhere else.

Where to buy Ganja Vibes Mary Jane Vibrator: https://ganjavibes.com

9. CBD FX Vape Juice

Cost: $15

This CBD juice is so full of flavor and from a high-quality company that is known for quality and consumer satisfaction. Each bottle holds 30ml of infused CBD juice, and there is a broad range of flavors to choose from including blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, mint, orange, peach, mango, pineapple, and more. The recipe includes a relatively high dose of the cannabinoid with 50mg per bottle; it won’t take much to get the benefits while enjoying almost any kind of vape pen or e-cig that you might prefer.

Where to buy CBD FX CBD juice: https://cbdfx.com

10. Foria basics suppositories

Cost: $72

Whether you struggle with intense period cramps or are just seeking a full body relaxation type effect, these hemp-based suppositories might be just the thing to give you a little relief. This CBD product uses natural ingredients like hemp oil and cocoa butter to infuse chemical free tampons that provide a super easy application and fast relief with up to 100mg of CBD in each one. Though right now only the CBD infused version is available, the THC line will be released once regulations adjust to allow for those products to be sold legally in Canada.

Where to buy Foria basics suppositories: www.foriawellness.com

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