5 Great festivals for cannabis loving foodies

Published Jun 24, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re a food lover and appreciative of everything cannabis brings to every experience then these festivals should be on your radar. They all offer a warm, loving, accepting, engaging, and educational environment that’s perfect for cuisine and cannabis enthusiasts. These events combine the very best of both worlds, by delivering a variety of products to explore like infused gourmet dishes, simple sweet edibles, unique culinary creations you won’t find anywhere else, and entertainment.

This list of five exciting festivals is for the real foodies out there, who seek to explore the intersection of gastronomy and cannabis from all angles.

1. The Cannabis Food Show – San Francisco, California

The premiere Cannabis Food Show is an annual event that aims to showcase only the very best cannabis cuisine, by bringing together world-famous chefs, restaurateurs, and cannabis experts. This festival offers an incredible opportunity to feast on a variety of cannabis-infused gourmet dishes. With everything from tantalizing appetizers to elegant desserts, this show is the perfect place to learn more about some of the many different techniques that can be used to turn any recipe into elevated art.

So if you’re in or traveling to California don’t forget to save the date, because you won’t want to miss this one!

2. High Times Cannabis Cup – Multiple locations

The one and only High Times Cannabis Cup is a legendary 420-friendly festival where enthusiasts and experts get the chance to celebrate everything they love about the plant which includes its influence in the culinary world. This event travels far and wide, making it easier to attend, but even if you have to travel the journey is more than worth it!

Take in love cooking demos and expert panels, savor an array of artisanal edibles, taste test craft cannabis drinks, and learn all there is to know about integrating the plant into your diet.

3. Hempfest – Seattle, Washington

Hempfest is one of the biggest most popular events out there and with a fully immersive lineup designed to cater to the desires of all types of cannabis enthusiasts including those who love to eat it, it’s not hard to see why. As if that wasn’t enough the festival prioritizes education and advocacy, so there’s plenty to see and do even after you’re full. Here you’ll find everything from expertly infused high-quality chocolates, to gourmet meals, with vendors selling a plethora of options to satisfy any craving.


Attendees will also have the pleasure of watching renowned chefs show off their skills through live demonstrations and competitions.

4. Chalice California - Victorville, California

The Chalice California is a very unique 420-friendly gathering, as it blends all sorts of entertainment such as art and music with cannabis and food. Made popular for its wildly talented musical lineups and breathtaking art installations, you’ll find many vendors on site who specialize in cannabis-infused delicacies like gourmet dishes, savory snacks, and sugary sweet confections.

Indulge in the experience while enjoying carefully crafted food prepared by knowledgeable chefs using high-quality ingredients you can feel good about. This festival really is a cannabis lovers' dream come true in the form of a feast for all the senses.

5. Cannabis Wedding Expo - Multiple locations

Foodie couples may want some inspiration as they plan a cannabis-themed wedding or other formal events, and the Cannabis Wedding Expo is a wonderful experience that’s sure to give you some exciting new ideas for enhancing your gatherings' edible offerings. It’s also a traveling celebration of love for each other and the many benefits of the plant, featuring everything from infused wedding cakes to custom edible orders, and even cannabis-infused cocktail mixologists.

Here you’ll discover a variety of available catering services to make an elevated meal easy, or if you prefer to get married in a more intimate setting, you’ll have access to enough knowledge to make your own dishes at home instead. Cannabis Wedding Expo aims to show you how cannabinoids and terpenes can be seamlessly integrated into the menu for an extra special touch on any important celebration.

Cannabis friendly events that highlight food offer a way to completely immerse yourself in the edibles scene, while also connecting with other like minded enthusiasts. Whether you’re a culinary master, seasoned consumer, or merely intrigued by the potential of merging the two things you love most, attending any of the shows on this list will help to answer any questions you may have while staying entertained the whole way through the complex process.

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