Cannabis strains paired with different cuisines

Published Jun 23, 2019 09:22 a.m. ET
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If you’re planning your first cannabis dinner party, don’t worry, it won’t be that difficult. You may have planned many dinner parties or gatherings in the past, but this time, the pairing will be with the best cannabis strains that will compliment your food.

What are some of the best strains that will enhance the food you’ll be serving? You want to present a delicious pairing of cannabis strains with the food you will be serving; you can equate it to the same issues you have with pairing wine and cheese for your dinner party.

The unique terpenes or flavours, and aromas that each cannabis strain possesses will be an intricate factor in the pairing with the food.

The cannabis strains that have a high terpene content will present with a sweet citrusy, and spicy aroma; these high content terpenes will control the flavour experience. If you choose to use a terpene with myrcene, expect your taste buds to enjoy tropical flavors. A strain with a woody taste will present with pinene terpenes.

The naming of the strains may help you in trying to pair them with your dishes. Mandarine Haze suggests a delicious and appropriate pairing with an Orange Teriyaki chicken entrée.

White Widow is a classic strain that pairs very well with vanilla, butter, and almond dishes. A perfect pairing with marijuana recipes that include buttercream cake icing or frosting.

When pairing the bud with your food always keep in mind the THC content of the cannabis strain. Correlate the potency of the strain with the timing of your gathering. You do not want to serve a high THC content strain at an inappropriate time. The Mamacita strain is not appropriate for a gathering of people who are not experienced users. The high THC content may not be suitable for a daytime event. When pairing cannabis strain for daytime events, it is best to look for Sativa strains.

This will generally provide uplifting effects that are conducive to activity. Indica strains are more suitable for evening gatherings where a full body effect is enjoyed and enhanced with relaxing qualities.


Citrusy strains pair well with fish or fruit entrees. Piney or menthol aromatic strains are great for pairing with curing meat.

Marijuana recipes can be paired with the perfect cannabis strains to enhance the party or social gathering that you are providing.

Weed chocolate will be a favorite for your guests to enjoy and is a perfect after dinner dessert the perfect. The dessert can be an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that is infused in a weed; the chocolate dessert is perfect for the ending of a delicious dinner event.

A perfect strain for ending the evening dinner, especially if this is the first date is Granddaddy Purple. This strain provides a calm, relaxing finish to an amazing dinner date. Remember the rule when using a pairing for your edibles, go low, and slow, and the dinner date will be memorable and enjoyable.

The bottom line is, cannabis goes well, and enhances the experience with all foods, try out your combinations and enjoy!

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