5 gorgeous pot leaf dresses that could be yours

Published Jan 18, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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When we try to look for a gift for ourselves or a special someone in our lives, one of the go-to solutions is weed shirts. Though we cannot deny that pretty much everyone needs a shirt, why not do things a bit differently this time by going for a full-body outfit like a dress?  

Tacky stoner garb has been the norm for decades now, but with legalization came the more luxurious perks, like high-end dressmaking companies taking on the challenge of designing new and enticing prints, and we have some of the best of the best listed right here for your enjoyment.

1. Pot leaf wiggle dress

Cost: $22

If you are looking for a dress that celebrates the style of the marijuana leaf featuring black silhouettes, then this one might be good for you. The pot leaf shapes stand out against a bright neon green background, and the cut-out bust that’s been replaced with a fine black mesh is perfect for showing off a little bit, while still maintaining your dignity. It’s bold, beautiful and daring, which is perfect for a woman with a personality to match those qualities.

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2. Reefer Madness cannabis leaf dress

Cost: $50

Alliteration Apparel introduced a Reefer Madness line that has cannabis enthusiasts everywhere talking, as it boasts bright cut out cannabis prints of almost every different color that you can think of against backgrounds that are just as plentiful. The best part about this one is that it can be personalized by choosing your favorite color and cut, and that’s not all. You can also scroll through their legging section for some matching Reefer Madness pants for the entire ensemble which makes wearing it in the winter so much easier.

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3. Bob Mar\ley frills and pot leaf dress

Cost: $38


Bob Marley is an iconic figure that has gone down in history as one of the most passionate and active cannabis advocates in the world, and it shows through the mountains of memorabilia that remains available for purchase today. Though it isn’t uncommon to come across an official Bob Marley shirt or sweater, a dress that manages to playfully use his image on the front while maintaining a sexy and appealing look is pure gold, and a rare find for sure. This pot leaf dress does all of that and more at an affordable price.

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4. Tripp NYC pot leaf dress

Cost: $20

This cannabis dress offers so many different levels of functionality that any girl would love one. Most dresses focus on the look with comfort tossed in as somewhat of an afterthought, but the Tripp version takes things to a new level with a romper style looseness, tasteful grey pot leaves against a smokey background, but it’s very best feature is that it comes with not one, but two complete useable pockets that are large enough to fit a cell phone. If you want functional and stylish, then the NYC pot dress is it.

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5. Vintage Norma marijuana leaf dress

Cost: $69

This dark beauty is in a sense a delightful combination of everything listed above, as it contains hundreds of bright, great cannabis leaves and style, but without any revealing nature. This pot leaf dress looks so professional that it could be tossed on before heading into the office, and it suits as the perfect addition to any cannabis lover’s wardrobe who can appreciate a bit of extra color.

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