Dank Master custom fitting stoner shoes and apparel product review

Published Oct 31, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you have the desire to own a custom product like shoes or accessories that reflect your taste, look towards Jake Danklefs (Dank and Co.), the founder, creative artist of footwear design/manufacturing. For those of you interested in looking for a simple design for your shoe choice, or a complex project for marketing, the attention and detail of Dank clothing will amaze you.

Dank Master has a mission to:

  • Make you look good
  • Help you to feel great
  • Leave you satisfied
  • Make you laugh

Fashions for the weed conscious woman

1. The Dank Master Women’s Rasta Weed Leaf Canvas Long Boot
Cost: $129.00

  • These are made to order boots
  • Designed and produced with premium breathable materials for ultimate comfort
  • Limited edition boots

2. The Dank Master Green Weed Leaf Tracksuit
Cost: $92.00

  • Foreign sizing (order two sizes up)
  • Wonderful O- neck opening
  • Polyester and spandex material
  • Full-length sleeve
  • Sizes S to 5XL

3. OG White Signature Zip-Up Weed Hoodie
Cost: $130.00

  • Premium polyester blend for ultimate comfort
  • Long-lasting colours even after washing
  • No-snag zipper
  • Resistant to wrinkles shrinking and mildew
  • Custom printed sewn only when custom order received
  • Sizes XS to XL

4. Dank Master Rasta Weed High Heels
Cost: $90.00

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Production time 7-9 days
  • Custom made
  • Offers one free size exchange

5. Dank Master Women’s Underwear Bundle
Cost: $52.00

  • High quality
  • 100% polyester material
  • One size waist 24-27 inches
  • Low-rise briefs

Dank Master exceptional men’s clothing line

1. Dank Master Green Weed Summer Outfit
Cost: $140.00

  • One t-shirt – S to 6XL
  • One necklace – silver
  • One pair of shorts knee-length. S to 4XL
  • One pair of socks
  • One hat

2. Dank Master OG Black Weed Leaf High Top Canvas Shoes Sneakers
Cost: $129.00

  • Comfortable snug fit
  • Production time. 5-7 days
  • Quality production
  • Size 5-12
  • Black

3. Dank Master OG White signature Zip-Up Weed Hoodie
Cost: $130.00

  • Custom designed to cut and sewn when order is placed
  • The high-definition heat-dye application ensures long-lasting colour even after machine washing.
  • No snag zipper easy on and off access
  • Resistant to wrinkles and shrinking
  • Size S to SXL

Dank Master Accessories

1. Dank Master Gold Weed Earrings
Cost: $19.00

  • Acrylic
  • Zinc Alloy material

2. Dank Master Adjustable Weed Leaf Ring
Cost: $15.00

  • Gold-plated material
  • Zinc Alloy Metal
  • 2mm width

3. Dank Master Psychedelic Weed Leaf Phone Case for iPhone
Cost: $20.00

  • Compatible with Apple iPhones
  • iPhone models iPhone 4 to iPod Touch 6

Dank Master, is the ideal shopping place to purchase your custom made weed shoes. Cannabis print leggings,  lit hoodies, underwear, jewelry, hats bags, and other dank products are also available for purchase. There are many accessories for you and your partner to wear and display your love of the beautiful and versatile marijuana plant. Dank Master's motto also includes wear your products proudly, and don't forget to smile.

Dank vapes are not related in any way to Dank Master, as they are a packaging product that the black-market bootleggers can purchase online. They then use this packaging technique to disguise illegal, unregulated marijuana cartridges.

Dank is also a slang word for highly potent cannabis. This name has been linked to the mysterious vape illness epidemic. These products are not legal, and the brand is not tested.

Do not confuse or compare a legitimate product with the name Dank, to these illegal products. The name Dank can be purchased on-line in empty cartridges, which are then filled with what is described as THC. It is vitally important to remember that anyone can buy these Dank cartridges and fill it with anything that they like.

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