Trendy cannabis gear and clothing ideas in 2018

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:21 p.m. ET

 You've checked out your closet, and it looks like you need some trendy stoner clothing.  It's time you looked at my list of fabulous clothing ideas for you and your trendy stoner friends, family and whoever else you want to shop for! Every item on this list comes with a rough, approximate online price.

T-Shirts $15.00

There are hundreds of t-shirts out there that can match your style from cannabis leaves to the subtle chemical structure being printed on the front of the shirt. These shirts are great for a philosophical stoner. Something to think about, not just the standard leaves plastered all over the shirt.

Mexican Poncho $17 to $30

Some people refer to these hoodies as a Drug Rug or Baja hoodie. These hoodies are manufactured in beautiful colors. They are warm and fuzzy inside and retain a rugged outer appearance. Great for those cool nights enjoying you evening partaking of the herb.

Stoner Hoodie $17.00 to $30.00

Thisis not your typical stoner hoodie, it is in fact, a hoodie with galaxy patterns within the fabric. It a little bit different than the average weed leaves all over the fabric. It is a subtle stoner hoodie — beautiful stars and colors of purple pinks and blues.

Tank top $30.00 to $35.00

Longer tank tops will be great for those needing a longer length while sporting.  This is sleeveless and good for both sexes. Marijuana leaves in the fabric definitely promotes the herb.

Weed Underwear $10.00

Great to keep your weed undercover ha, ha. Some boxer shorts have the traditional weed leaves all over the comfy cotton fabric. There are men's boxers but also lot's of options for the ladies to keep it under cover also.


Marijuana Socks $15.00

If its socks that you like there are tons to choose from. The ever-popular ankle sock with the little plant wrapped around your ankles. How sweet is that when you show up at the gathering and take your shoes off. Amazing, beautiful little socks. The envy of the party.

Stoner Cookbook $17 to $35

Perhaps you are the designated appetizer provider for the party. Pull out your stoner cookbook — great little cannabis-infused recipes from your group of friends.  You and your friends enjoy using cannabis in your cooking, and so the stoner cookbook evolves. People are communicating with other people on cannabis-infused foods what could be more delicious. Perhaps you could take the stoner chicken wings, use your best cannabutter in the sauce and your host will be smiling, oh and munching.

Titanium Dab Nail $50 to $100

While you are waiting for the wings to cook, try using your titanium dab nail. This is a strong medical grade nail. It has great heat retention; you will be able to take bigger hits.

Weed Fidget Spinner $10 to $30

Feeling fidgety? Sometimes while partaking you need to keep moving. Well, look no further for a way to relieve your anxiety or stress, try using a Fidget Spinner. These come decked out in many forms from marijuana leaves to psychedelic abstract paintings on them. The fun is to see how fast they spin. Now have you ever thought to use your fidget spinner to smoke your blunts from? Well worth a try my friend and easy to do. Put a blunt in each of the three holes and light up. Hope you have a friend with you to share!

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