10 Fantastic Christmas gift ideas for the dabber in your life

Published Dec 22, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Dabbing is a unique niche that many cannabis enthusiasts have taken up over these last few years, and who can blame them? It’s more potent, direct, and generally believed to be a much healthier alternative to smoking. But when seeking out the perfect gift for the dabbers out there, it can be hard if you don’t know much about the art. Luckily, you’ve got us, and here we’re going to toss together some of the latest and greatest gift ideas that are compatible with dabbing.

1. An old school dab rig

The majority of dabbing enthusiasts still rely on an old-school dab rig, the type that doesn’t preheat, so it requires a full-blown torch to function. This mainly comes down to cost, but for many, a lack of tech is a preference that offers simplicity that’s easy to understand. There are no parts to break that you can’t see or replace, and they last for ages, which makes them an excellent Christmas gift idea.

2. Dab tools

Dab tools are those long, small, metal devices that come to a pointed tip, and piece allows the dabber to pick up just the right amount of cannabis concentrate so that it can be easily dropped on the hotbed of preheated glass to vaporize. They are handy and durable, but they get dirty easily, so if you enjoy partaking in more than one type of dabs, then it can pay to have a few extra lying around.

3. Books

We don’t generally think of dabbing and reading as having any association with one another. Still, there are some fantastic paper and digital book options out there that can help those who wish to perfect or more thoroughly understand the art. You can even find affordable magazines that will cover all of the latest dabbing gear, something that’s always of interest to a dabber!

4. Dab mats

Dabbing requires handling some of the messiest of stoner situations because you’re combining some of the stickies cannabis substances with heat, moving air, and water, and it can get out of hand quite quickly. This stud also really gets to wash away from common surfaces where it will likely splatter without the help of dab mats. They come in so many sizes and colours, and you can never have too many.

5. A soft carrying case

Every dabber will have to, at some point or another, cart their dabbing devices, tools, and accessories from one location to another, and with so many breakable parts, it’s hard to do this safely. Dag rigs also rarely come with suitable cases for transportation, and that’s why almost every dabbing enthusiast needs a soft carrying bag that will snugly tuck away absolutely everything in one small compact package.

6. Dab accessories


As we’ve mentioned, dabbing is one of the most complicated forms of cannabis consumption, and that’s because it requires so many unique tools to get the job done in an effective manner, which is why dab accessories may be the ideal Christmas gift for you. You could grab anything from small intricate replacement parts for a rig to high quality, easy to control torches, and it will make their lives easier.

7. An electronic dab rig

This one is mainly for the big spenders because we recognize that not everyone can spend a small fortune on each of their stoner friends, but if you can, this right here is the ultimate option. Electronic aka electric dab rigs take all of the most challenging work of achieving an ideal temperature out of dabbing, something that even the most experienced professionals struggle with from time to time.

8. Dabs

Dabs come in so many unique shapes, sizes, colours, and textures that it can be a bit overwhelming to start, but if you look at it the same way you would for smoking, you should be ok, because all that matters is that the cannabis concentrate you choose is inhalable. Beyond that, you can go nuts and pick out the most exotic dabs that the market has to offer, and it’ll make the perfect Christmas present this year.

9. Terp sauce

Dabbing is amazing, but it can also come with some drawbacks, like the fact that the easiest concentrates to work with are often so highly processed that they’ve lost a lot of their natural flavour because the terpenes have been destroyed. What most don’t realize is that a few drops of terp sauce, and in no time, any concentrate can taste just like fresh buds that were recently cured, and that’s amazing.

10. Other pot products

Dabbers can sometimes come off a bit snobby, as they brush off your preference for smoking, so you might be afraid to go outside of what you know about this individual when choosing a gift, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Most cannabis enthusiasts can appreciate almost any pot product, but some of the best alternatives for dabbers include oils, edibles, and topicals.

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