DabTabs make dabbing so much easier

Published Sep 22, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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A simple way to consume cannabis is through dabbing. Dabbing is a convenient yet somewhat messy way of consuming cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is effective, and it can deliver a punch, but it does need some planning and forethought to do it right. Other issues with dabbing can include the unpredictability in doses, but DabTabs is a new way to dab and one which can eliminate some of the negative aspects of dabbing.

Dablets or DabTabs are a simple way to ensure the same dosage each time you use your cannabis concentrates like shatter, oil, wax, or crumble. Usually, the Dablets are full-spectrum cannabis concentrates that are encased in a natural mineral-based ceramic. This form allows the shatter to be heated and dabbed without removing the concentrate from its container, thus avoiding a messy, sticky situation.


The Dablets are a small honeycomb shape that can be placed directly onto a dab rig heating chamber and then heated. You will be provided with about a three pull hit before noticing that the dablet has turned black, indicating that the dablet is finished. Ilo Research is the manufacturer and partner of extract producers to determine which products they will put in the market's dablets.

Some producers are offering:

  • Hash rosin
  • Live resin
  • Distillate
  • Sauce
  • Shatter
  • Cured resin
  • Wax

One of the hallmarks of the DabTab is the flexibility, according to Ilo Research CFO Ray Utech.


  • There is no guessing game with the dosing when using DabTabs; each DabTab contains 50mg of CBD, THC, or a blend of the two compounds

  • There is no mess involved with the sticky concentrates getting on your clothes or the coffee table.

  • DabTabs are easy to transport and keep your rig clean also.

  • DabTabs will turn black when empty and can be easily discarded or recycled

  • There is no worry if you drop a DabTab on the ground or the sand at the beach, because it will not contaminate the contents, which means that you’ll just have to wipe it off, and then you are ready to go


How to use DabTabs

Put your DabTab into the cold heating chamber, and make sure that the dablet is flat. If you want to have bigger hits, you can put multiple dablets into the chamber at one time, but beginners might want to start with one.

  1. Cover the bowl with the carp cap

  2. Heat your rig to the recommended 450 to 550-degrees F.

  3. Once smoke appears in the chamber, take a hit.

  4. When the dablet is empty, use tweezers to remove it to avoid burning your fingers.

Final words

One unique aspect of DabTabs is that you are never dabbing off the heat source directly. Instead, you are vaporizing directly from the pure ceramic substrate. The smooth release of the therapeutic oil is realized while holding in the waxes, lipids, and undesirable compounds that are prone to combusting. DabTabs are popular in the United States and are breaking into the international market in Chile, Germany, and Japan. These countries are currently offering hemp-derived CBD infused dablets, with plans to expand in the future.

DabTabs are thermally-fused natural mineral-based ceramic tablets used to consume your favourite cannabis extracts or dabs, and they may be the way of the future. Both medical and recreational cannabis use is enhanced when concentrates are administered through the DabTab product, to ensure the same dosage each time a DabTab is dropped into the chamber. If you are living in one of the eleven states that Ilo Research has partnered with processors, and dabbing is one of your favourite forms of consuming cannabis, then you’re going to want to check out the convenient DabTab.

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