10 DIY Christmas gifts that are sure to be a hit with cannabis consumers

Published Dec 18, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s tough to find the perfect gift ideas for Christmas because we feel a lot of pressure to make things are perfect as possible, which adds stress and confusion to an already complicated task of guessing what everyone might use. Cannabis connoisseurs can be even more challenging to buy for, as it’s easy to fall back to the basics with good old flower, but it is possible to make green gifts unique.

The holidays can also be incredibly expensive, something that this year is a burden on more people than ever before, but you can solve both of these problems. You can avoid a hefty bill and a generic response from the receiver by creating your very own homemade Christmas gifts, and here we’re going to do our best to guide you towards the best choice with ten fantastic ideas to help get you started.

1. Moon rockets (or rocks)

If you’ve never heard of moon rockets, then this is a great time to familiarize yourself with the concept because they make incredible DIY Christmas gifts, and they’re super easy to make. All you need is a rolling paper, some herb grind, a bit of any spreadable cannabis concentrate, and a few pinches of kief to wrap up a potent moon rocket or moon rock that can be neatly packed and gifted for a unique surprise.

2. Prerolls or blunts

You might think that a regular old joint won’t go very far in producing the excitement that you hope to receive after scoring the best gift for Christmas. Still, the truth is that this time of year is hard financially for many people, and sometimes an extra spliff might just be the calm that someone needs to get through it. Of course, it also helps if you include a fantastic strain that suits them, but a plain roll works too!

3. Edibles

Most people can run to the store to grab edibles, but you can’t put a price on the most delicious homemade edibles, and there is a tonne of fun choices that can suit Christmas in style. You could make cannabinoid-infused candy canes, Christmas cake, gingerbread men, or whip up a simple batch of gummies, and the
long-lasting effects will always be an exciting gift for the holiday.

4. Rolling kits

This is a good gift for cannabis smokers, as they tend to require the most tools and materials to get the job done, which makes this one of the best DIY Christmas gifts on this list. You can personalize it using basic items like tins, rolling papers, and a grinder, and you can go all out by including everything from blunt wraps and storage jars to a homemade rolling tray or joint holder.

5. Cannabis cards

We sometimes feel inclined to give gifts to people around us at Christmas, but this pot-related option is best suited for those you feel closest to. Generic cannabis cards can be purchased online or through dispensaries and the occasional in-between vendor, but nothing will speak right from the heart quite like homemade cannabis cards. Just pick a theme, and let your imagination go wild with designs.


6. Weed bouquets

Flower bouquets are quite traditional, but they never last, and though they sure do look nice, they aren’t perfect for anything beyond looking at them. Weed bouquets, on the other hand, can be just as beautiful, especially when they’re accented with small brightly colored flowers, and almost every bit can be smokable if you play your cards right and include safe flower choices.

7. Variety packs of herb

If you must fall back on good old faithful because you just don’t have the time, patience, or things to make anything else, or you know that this truly is what your friend could use most this Christmas, then you can still style things up a bit. So why not toss together a smorgasbord of small bags filled with unique strains for them to try? With a few Christmas baggies, the whole thing could look fantastic when it’s done.

8. Personal care products

Care products make some of the best DIY Christmas gifts because they can be easy to make in large batches and personalize by scent, flavor, or strength. You could whip up small jars of body scrubs, lip balm, muscle cream, shampoo, CBD toothpaste, wrinkle cream, or include a super luscious heavy-duty moisturizer, all infused with cannabinoids, with the help of some powerful cannabis oil.

9. Countdown to the new year calendar

Since we tend to gift Christmas gifts on or just before the 25th of December, it wouldn’t make sense to make a full-blown Christmas calendar. However, with only six days between Christmas and New Years Day, it’s the perfect time to design a countdown to the next big holiday. You could do individual green baggies marked for each day or a drawer equipped box of goodies that can be opened with anticipation.

10. Coupons for pot-related experiences

If you’re broke for the holidays or just hope to wait until all of this insanity with the virus is over before making bigger plans that might include tickets that could be gifted, then coupons can be the ideal alternative. You could offer cannabis-infused dining, attending the biggest 420 events near you, or whatever else you can think of that you’d like to commit to experiencing on paper, and make the magic last all year long.

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