Token Naturals is leaping into the cannabis industry

Published Dec 12, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET

The cannabis news is buzzing with the entry of Token Naturals into the cannabis space. The CEO Keenan Pascal has waited patiently for this development, and the time has arrived. His company wants to make marijuana use an enjoyable experience for all legal age Canadians. Token Naturals is forging forward in the development of innovative cannabis products that will help to enhance the lifestyles and well-being of Canadians.

Token Naturals is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated

An Edmonton company that is well known for its delicious craft cocktail bitters is involving itself in the cannabis news market. The company Token Naturals is looking to enter the market through the door of the marijuana extraction market. The shrewd move comes with the acknowledgment of legal weed in Canada.

Token naturals edibles and extraction

The company has plans to work with local producers to create most of the products that they will use for the edible market. So far, they have secured a place with a long-term lease for a massive 60,000 square foot facility, located in a north-central industrial area of Edmonton. The companies vision is to extract CBD and THC from the flowers and use it for oil beverages along with numerous other edible products.  CEO Keenan Pascal notes that the company will not be growing cannabis. The facility is on schedule and due to open in 2020. The company is projecting to be able to turn 65,000 kg of raw cannabis into extracts per year.

Pascal believes that Edmonton will continue to be at the forefront of the cannabis space. His company is local, and most of his private investors are from the Edmonton area. The company will provide the extraction service to other manufacturers while promoting a line of their products. He likes to state the similarities that are in the creation of cocktail bitters and in creating legal weed oils. Pascal is excited about the intended first Token brand products. Token branded drink drops will hit the shelves in mid-2020. The drops will be an addition to your beverages, whether water or perhaps tea.


This companies co-founder Pascal embraces the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to be part of the legal weed journey that Canada is embarking on. Pascal evokes the possibility that all communities have to enjoy the changes in opportunities that are producing themselves.

Pascal is quick to open his voice and state that the ones who will benefit and perhaps profit from the chance, are those who seek to educate themselves while keeping a positive attitude to the new Canadian legal weed market. The completion of the project would promote 40 new jobs in the Edmonton area once the operation was fully operational.

Token Naturals is currently in discussions with investors, and their marijuana stocks are poised to explode, which indicates that the Tokens Natural all Canadian owned Cannabis company is ready. CEO and co-founder Pascal, the CEO, and co-founder, along with his partner Cameron O'Neil, the chief innovation officer, is prepared to put this company into the ring.

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