Canopy Growth reveals a new product line

Published Dec 9, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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It sure has been a great year of new cannabis and CBD products ranging from edibles to wines and now soft drinks. Canopy Growth has been working away for two years at their headquarter in Smith Falls, Ontario, on perfecting new products for us all to enjoy. A whole line of beverages will be available in just a few weeks, and which ones you see will depend on the province that you reside in.

We can’t wait to try these tasty drinks infused with cannabis, as there is a total of 11 new beverages to quench our thirst. We wanted to have a look at some of these great products and give you a glimpse into what to expect to see on the shelves in the next few weeks. Let us take a little gander at what we are going to be seeing in the near future.

1. Houseplant

Two new beverages will be released under the Houseplantbrand. Grapefruit flavored, and a lemon-flavored are known so far, and both will have 2.5 mg of THC.

2. Quatreau
This drink is a lot like refreshing sparkling water; it comes four flavors they are cucumber & mint, and passion fruit & guava These two contain 20 mg of CBD each. Ginger & lime and blackberry &acai will contain 2mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC each. These four are more geared towards wellness enthusiasts.

3. Deep Space
This is a dark-colored ready to drink, carbonated beverage. This 222 ml can of full-flavored drink contains the maximum level of THC authorized by Health Canada, which is 10 mg of THC.


4. Tweed
Under the Tweed brand, they will be releasing six potent products. With a blend of whole cannabis distilled into a translucent liquid. This product will have 10 milligrams of THC in each package. These mixes are not intended to be used with alcohol. There will also be three ready drink mixes made with tonic water soda water and ginger ale. Penelope will contain 2 mg of CBD and 1.5 mg of THC. Baker Street will contain 2mg of THC. Houndstooth will contain 2mg of THC, as well, and these 150ml bottles will come in packs of five and should be available in 2020.

5. Chocolate
Canopy Growth has teamed up with hummingbird chocolate to design and produce a fabulous chocolate bar with ten milligrams of THC per bar. One is even made with zoral cacao, which is grown in the highlands of the Dominican Republic in a lovely bird sanctuary. Bean bud is a medallion premium 70% dark chocolate with great flavor contains 5mg of THC per medallion. Tokyo Smoke is a dark chocolate THC infused made with quality ingredients each bar contains ten milligrams of THC.

One year from the legalization of cannabis for recreational use on Oct 17, 2019, the government made cannabis drinks and topicals legal! With that said, this is the begging of a plethora of products that will be hitting the market this year. There are so many options and scrumptious things that can be done with the cannabis plant and the fantastic THC oils that it produces and the terpenes. Canopy Growth also has oils and concentrate dried buds and many more products in the works. It has indeed been a great productive year for the cannabis industry, and we are all hoping for many more to come.

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