The roll-out of Cannabis 2.0

Published Sep 20, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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The roll-out of Cannabis 2.0 is almost here, and if you like many other Canadians then you are probably wondering what will be on the shelves for purchase on the morning of October 17, 2019. One full year after cannabis first became legal.

What has been promised so far

  • Edibles baked goods, candy
  • Lotions or topicals, oils, and ointments, make-up
  • Cannabis extracts

Cannabis products in these forms are to be available for legal purchase in Canada beginning on October 17, 2019. The date was set by way of the Federal marijuana legalization act which came into effect on the same date in 2018.

Zenabis marijuana products to be released

One company that is planning to help with filling shelves full of cannabis-infused beverages is Zenabis. Zenabis is a well-known cannabis cultivation company that is located in Canada. The company has released in a press conference that they will be partnering with the Beverage Partner in the production of cannabis-infused beverages later this year.

Zenabis began its journey through the reverse takeover of the company Bevo Agro by Sun Pharm Investments in January. The company has increased its licensed production numbers from five tons to over fifty tons in less than a year and hopes to finish the fiscal year with numbers from licensed production climbing to as high as 140 tons. Zenabis employs staff from coast to coast across Canada and has introduced thousands of new jobs as a result.

The company has four licensed  locations throughout Canada:

  • Langley British Columbia
  • Stellarton, Nova Scotia
  • Aldergrove, British Columbia
  • Delta, British Columbia

Flavorless edibles

Since the company will be following government regulations and restrictions, there will be no delicious fun flavors for you to indulge in when you are enjoying a cold cannabis-infused beverage. The current strict cannabis edibles rules actively prohibit anything that may be enticing to minors, including colors and flavors.

Zenabis explains the Beverage Partner’s role will be to provide colorless, flavorless cannabis-infused products for the infused beverage market. The information and analysis conducted by the Beverage Partner will be used to create other cannabis-infused products along with the highly anticipated cannabis-infused beverages. Zenabis will have a clear role as the supplier of the cannabis needed for both recreational or medical products.

THC and CBD products


The company will be producing both THC and CBD infused products including the infused, cannabis, water-soluble drinks which will provide the expected effects in as little as five minutes.

The strength of a cannabis industry partnership

Zenabis is acknowledging the excellent position this partnership has provided them for the upcoming cannabis-infused drink industry later this year. The ability for Zenabis to produce beverages infused with cannabis and not alter the taste is what puts this company out in front of other cannabis-infused beverage companies, and they are ready for their share of what is estimated to be a $529 million venture in Canada.

The future of Zenabis edibles and beverages

Zenabis did not rush to put all of their eggs in one basket since colorless and flavorless beverages are not the only cannabis product in their sight. The company is also looking to expand into CBD infused Kombucha products. Hillsboro Corp Inc will be assisting in this venture with Zenabis. Zenabis owns 51% of Hillsboro and is the supplier of True Burch cultured tea drinks.

Andrew. Grieve CEO of Zenabis firmly believes cannabis-infused beverages will be the challenge offered to the alcohol beverages used recreationally today. Zenabis is providing what the CEO feels is an adult alternative from drinking alcoholic beverages. The inventory of Zenabis products in the future is expected to include wellness beverages to serve the public.

Will there be a delay in the roll-out cannabis 2.0?

Zenabis CEO notes that they are working earnestly to help prevent that, and he has assured the public that the company is more than ready and able to fulfill the orders for edibles and other new cannabis-infused products when it finally becomes legal.

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