Published Jun 18, 2019 12:04 p.m. ET

Zenabis has the potential to become one of the largest licensed producers of medical and recreational cannabis in the world.

We are a diverse, passionate team of doctors, scientists, researchers, growers, educators, and advocates who came together with the goal of increasing access to safe, high quality cannabis for medical patients and recreational consumers. Our four facilities are located coast-to-coast across Canada in Delta and Langley, British Columbia; Atholville, New Brunswick; and Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Zenabis currently owns 3.5 million square feet of facility space that can, upon full conversion, be dedicated to cannabis production.

Who We Are

Zenabis owns 660,000 square feet of high quality indoor facility space, as well as 2.1 million square feet of greenhouse space that will be dedicated to cannabis production once fully built-out. Our operations are strategically located on Canada’s East and West coasts, facilitating domestic distribution as well as international export (pending regulatory approval). These facilities, if fully converted for cannabis production, would have the design capacity to yield 479,300kg of dried cannabis annually. An additional 700,000 square feet of greenhouse space that was acquired after a reverse-takeover of Bevo Agro will be used to continue an existing plant propagation business, and this will be converted to cannabis production at such a time that is beneficial to the strategic position of the company. The Zenabis brand name is used among the medical market, while Namaste and Blazery service the recreational market.

The management team at Zenabis has significant experience in agriculture, technology, pharmaceutical sales, consumer packaged goods, international distribution, brand marketing, and finance. Our corporate leadership is backed by the expertise of individuals in the roles of Chief Operating Officer, Chief Growing Officer, Chief Science Officer, and Chief Medical Officer.


A Story Of Two Families

When Zenabis and Bevo Agro merged to form Zenabis Global Inc. (TSX: ZENA), the deal brought together two families rooted in Canadian agriculture for more than 30 years. This story began as a result of an inter-generational relationship beginning with two immigrant fathers who collaborated in commercial agriculture, and continues with their sons partnering to create this new entity. Each partner brings a certain specialty: High quality cannabis for worldwide distribution from Zenabis, and greenhouse growing expertise from Bevo that allows us to efficiently cultivate cannabis at a low cost.

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