How Canadians are feeling about marijuana legalization 2.0

Published Sep 7, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Canadians fought the long hard battle to achieve what we all get to see and experience today, thanks to federal marijuana legalization. Though we are at an excellent starting point, as it allows society and new consumers the opportunity to slowly adjust and become accustomed to more potent cannabis products, we are still so far from what most enthusiasts and advocates had hoped for, and for many the limits on marijuana products simply do not suffice.

On October 17, 2018, when federal marijuana legalization became realized, the restrictions surrounding the types of cannabis-derived options, consumers would have to choose from, being edibles, topicals, concentrates and THC vape juice, still remain banned in the region, and Canadians won’t be seeing them on store shelves until just before Christmas this year. With all the media hype and public concern from less progressive citizens, it seemed that a slow introduction to this brand-new industry would be the best compromise between non-supporters, consumers and advocates opinions.

What has now been deemed federal marijuana legalization 2.0 will allow for a fresh flood of new and exciting marijuana products to the market, and customers are eagerly awaiting, and the rest of the world is watching in awe and with come concern as this historical transformation unfolds. Even some Canadians feel that it is either too soon, or outright offensive to know that cannabis-infused and derived goods will be in the public’s hands, making these types of products more accessible to youth.

Luckily, despite massive pushback from so many Canadians who feared the worst from federal marijuana legalization, the statistics are in, and most people seem to be listening to the cold hard facts. We now know that there has been no increase in crime rates, youth consumption, or impaired driving. Legal cannabis became so widely accessible, which means that the roll-out of infused and derived goods like topicals, edibles, THC vape juice, and concentrates probably isn’t going to change a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.


The happiest Canadians are those who wish to enjoy the benefits of marijuana in a stronger dose for medical treatment and anyone who seeks a healthier method of ingestion. Since most people are unsure of how to make edibles for themselves, they will now have the option of prepackaged, measured and ready to eat treats alongside potent concentrates like THC vape juice, wax, shatter and budder, and that’s not all, they will now also have the option of using infused products like topicals, which provide an efficient delivery of THC without the psychoactive high.

No matter how you feel about federal marijuana coming, there is no denying that this 100% safe and non-toxic alternative to both alcohol and pharmaceutical treatments is a massive step in the right direction for everyone involved, as the benefits of this incredible plant have been covered up and demonized for far too long. Whether you will be waiting in line or sitting at home waiting for the wave of excitement to pass, this shift is going to do incredible things for the Canadian cannabis industry.

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