The first new Canadian cannabis brand of 2021

Published Jan 21, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re looking for a culture lesson, then you might want to set your GPS for Montreal, Canada.  Many who visit Montreal know this Canadian province for its literature, art, and food, but some love it for its cannabis.

Matica and RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc (RoyalMax), a subsidiary cannabis company, are excited to introduce the company’s new marijuana brand. The company is based in Dorval, Quebec, and has been granted a standard cultivation license for standard processing and medical sales license by Health Canada. RoyalMax is introducing the Company's new marijuana brand, QUEST. This exciting new brand is the first for Matica and RoyalMax.


Located in Quebec, Canada's marijuana space, Matica is an innovative, multi-faceted company that focuses on the industry's medical marijuana side. Cultivating and processing is accomplished on Montreal's west island.

Matica's relationship with Yunify Natural Technologies, the personal health, and care company, will continue with the two companies' joining. Yunify is based in Quebec and is developing proprietary products for Matica.  Yunify is a leader in clean, sustainable green chemistries. The innovative technology company has acknowledged an acute need for an alternative marijuana delivery system. Products from the company will include ionic mists and topicals.

Trichome Treats' acquisition will help Matica introduce edibles from the award-winning chocolatier with a forward-moving cannabis facility that is fully climate-controlled while using a top-notch nutrient system to produce the highest quality product. Each of the facility's grow rooms is divided into several areas to accommodate the different strains and to protect genetics.

In Hemingford, the company is constructing a 1,000,000 square foot greenhouse cannabis growing space that is located on a 181-acre property. Within the Canadian marijuana market, Matica has a distinct advantage by using some of the top strains that are available. Some of those strains include Triumphant, a highly potent strain that has yet to be introduced to the average Canadian cannabis consumer.



Varieties that are new to the Canadian market is what RoyalMax wants to introduce to the cannabis consumer. According to Boris Ziger, the CEO of Matica, there is a lack of genetic diversity within the Canadian cannabis market. The relationship that RoyalMax has entered into will provide the company with access to cannabis genetics from the first legal and registered seed bank in Europe. The collection of cannabis genetics consists of more than 200 strains. This relationship between these two cannabis entities will provide RoyalMax with the benefit of cannabis genetic collections worldwide.


Consumers can look forward to the newest Canadian cannabis brand that will provide the company's finest herbs and products. QUEST is grown in small batches in Montreal's West Island, Canada. The craft grown marijuana is produced in a climate-controlled environment, and all of the product is hang-dried the natural way.

The spirit of Quest emphasizes flavour, aroma, and an overall enjoyable experience from their high-quality premium cannabis craft products. Providing the consumer with terpene-rich and high THC products is the aim of this cannabis brand. This company has plans to introduce the following products:

  • Topical cream
  • Edibles
  • Pre-rolls

Final thoughts

QUEST, Montreal's premium cannabis, states that this brand has herb that emphasizes flavour, aroma, and overall enjoyment. Unfortunately, the rest of Canada is still waiting for these products to be distributed to other provinces, but they’ll be everywhere soon enough.

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