JayZ’s new cannabis brand Monogram

Published Dec 22, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis brand Monogram is here, and Shawn Jay-Z’ Carters’ empire is set to grow exponentially. On October 23rd, Monogram began providing the cannabis consumer with four amazing and different strains. How high you want your experience to be will help you to decide which of the three levels of THC you use but be prepared to open up those purse strings for this high-end product.

If there was any doubt on who this new player in the cannabis brand space is, there isn’t anymore. Shawn Carter is here, and the music rapper has now launched his high-end marijuana brand, Monogram. California will be the first state whose inventory contains the new marijuana brand, Monogram. The four-strain, indoor-grown craft cannabis, including both marijuana flower and pre-rolled joints, has arrived.


Jay-Z began his cannabis venture in 2019 by partnering with Caliva and creating his own cannabis line, Monogram. Jay-Z has been familiar with Caliva since becoming their Chief Visionary Officer in 2019.  November 2020 saw the acquisition of Monogram and Caliva, a joint venture between Caliva, Jay-Z, and Left Coast Ventures. The new name for the company would be The Parent Co.

Last year the company went public on Canada’s microcap stock exchange and raised 575 million dollars. Left Coast Ventures owns several musician cannabis brands, including Carlo Santana’s brand Mirayo and Marley Natural. The new name for the company was from the vision of Jay-Z. Auerbach addresses some of the negative comments heard about the new name. Some said the name sounded like a joke. He is quick to correct that thought, as he says The Parent Co. is not a joke.


Auerbach and Jay-Z both envisioned the beginning of a hundred-year marijuana business that would be a generational company. The name The Parent Co. is believed to be a meta name representing what the company believes in. There was one primary thought however, that had a part in the naming of the company. The beginning of a generation is a parent.

Monogram opens up with four strains that deliver light, medium, and heavy effects, including:

  • No 88
  • No 96
  • No 70
  • No 01

Flagship product


The flagship products from the company are:

OG Handroll

  • “OG” Handroll. The 1.5-gram joint is rolled by trained artisans. The rolling technique was developed by Monogram over a year ago.
  • Small batch flower is the ingredient for the joint, which is said to burn like a premium cigar should burn.
  • Get ready to pay 50 dollars for this joint.
    The Loosies Pre-roll pack
  • Each joint weighs 0.4 grams.
  • Your pack comes with four individually wrapped joints
  • Cost $40.00

Monogram flower

  • The packaging for the Monogram flower is designed to help protect the product from harmful UV light.
  • Four grams of Monogram are packaged in each container.
  • Cost $70.00
  • Monogram also provides a two-gram flower.
  • The hand-selected and hand-finished flower is grown in control and quality maintained in small batches
  • Cost $40.00.

According to Michael Auerbach, founder, and chairman of Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp., Jay-Z has more than one role in the brand. Not only is he a frontman, but he also performs the role of a real executive, and he is a hands-on genius, according to Michael.

Final words by Jay’

Marijuana has been around for centuries, but the craftsmanship of the industry still gets overlooked by many today. Jay-Z created Monogram to provide a voice giving marijuana the respect it deserves.  Demonstrating the hard work, care, and time that goes into the crafting of superior smoke is how it will be showcased. According to Jay-Z, he is just getting started by allowing his venture fund to provide 2% of the company’s net income each year for investment into Black and other minority-owned businesses.

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