GreenBroz Inc. launches a new cannabis pre-roll packing technology

Published Jan 23, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Las Vegas-based GreenBroz Inc., a leader in cannabis plant processing tech, has announced a partnership with RollPros to advertise, sell and distribute brand new patent-pending technology that will help to revolutionize the process of producing pre-rolled joints. The Blackbird Rolling Center solves some pretty big problems that exist with current tools that are used in the industry, making it a powerful piece in the post-harvest cannabis equipment line available through GreenBroz Inc.

What is the Blackbird Rolling Center?

The Blackbird Rolling Center utilizes the first-ever tru-roll technology, which introduces radial compaction in place of more traditional directional packing to produce the highest quality pre-roll products possible. Unique features offered by the Blackbird Rolling Center make it a far more efficient and reliable machine than any other option out there today, and that’s precisely why so many professionals are excited to learn that it will soon be available to both U.S. and Canadian markets.


When it comes to features, the Blackbird Rolling Center does not disappoint, as the new cannabis processing technology includes:

Food grade materials– Every surface on the Blackbird Rolling Center that comes into contact with plant materials is made using food grade and surgical steel materials.

Easy to clean– The machine is very easy to clean, thanks to the smooth surfaces as well as the aforementioned food-grade materials, which can help producers to reduce the risk of contamination.

Radial compaction– This new technology utilizes a different way of packing, and the change results in superior pre-rolls that burn more evenly, something that helps to increase consumer satisfaction and decrease the risk of wasting time and product for producers.

Tabletop production– The Blackbird Rolling Center is a tabletop machine, so it’s compact and easy to set up, regardless of the size of a facility, a move that caters to the needs of both large and small scale cannabis processors.


Paper roll– Previous technology of this compact nature required manual filling by the processor, something that takes up time, energy, and manpower, but this new machine works with a giant roll of paper instead, significantly reducing the amount of time wasted between batches and limiting the human interaction that’s necessary to keep it running.

Small and large scale production capabilities – The Blackbird Rolling Center was designed with efficiency in mind, and it can roll up to 750 pre-rolls each hour, making it the perfect tool for large scale processors who want to operate 24-7 as well as small scale operators who may only need to run it on occasion to refill inventory.

For more information

The launch of this hot new device is not yet official, so we aren’t quite sure when processors will be able to expect to buy one. However, for more information, project updates, or to look at some of the other unique products in the post-processing collection from GreenBroz Inc., you can head on over to the company’s website.

Who is GreenBroz Inc.?

GreenBroz Inc. is a world-renowned company that designs, produces, sells, and distributes some of the best post-harvest processing equipment on the market today. Founded in 2012 and initially a source for dry trimmers, GreenBroz Inc. has evolved to establish a dominant presence on the global cannabis harvesting scene.

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