A new and improved version of the glass blunt is finally here!

Published Dec 16, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Blunts have been thoroughly enjoyed for generations, and they are a staple that everyone who is familiar with cannabis culture recognizes. The bold flavour of a high-quality wrap combined with the potent effects and aroma make for a stellar experience, and they’re big enough to share. Still, though they’ve stayed a preference among cannabis connoisseurs, they didn’t change all that much until recently.

The old-style glass blunts

Some consider one-hitters to be a style of glass blunt, but the earliest full-sized glass blunt didn’t appear on the scene until the late ’70s, and it didn’t get all that popular until the mid-’90s. Its design, though unique for its time, had some serious flaws. Many enjoyed the benefits of forgoing the need for wasteful papers but maintained the patience necessary to use them long term.

The true OG glass blunts were made of blown glass in simple tubes with holes at either end, often with one slightly smaller than the other to keep the cannabis from falling out of the end. Unfortunately, this problematic design required the right packing skills and a really dry product for it to work. It was time-consuming to prepare, making it even less enticing to the average consumer.

The original 90’s glass blunts came equipped with a screw-in centrepiece, which could be spun in one direction to slowly pack the device or the opposite to expose the burnt bits so that they could be knocked off, allowing the rest of the encased cannabis grind to burn. In theory, this seemed like a good idea, and it should have worked, but that’s only until you account for the sticky mess that cannabis produces.

If you could manage to pack a 90’s glass blunt, which was a challenging task, as you couldn’t leave a single air pocket or the whole thing would be ruined, and you’d have to begin again, then you’d have to clean it regularly. Otherwise, the moving part would be clogged in no time, and even with the most rigorous cleaning schedules, ash, resin, and hard bits of weed would plug everything up, a never-ending struggle with little reward.

The MagBlunt

The MagBlunt is made using a combination of the original design and upgraded magnetic technology to make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Magnets are used to replace what used to be a moving spinning metal rod, allowing the consumer to fill the entire thing and to smoothly empty the contents by dragging the outer magnet outward until all of the ash is ejected.


The outer magnet attaches to a larger cylindrical base that sits in the bottom of the MagBlunt so that not a single piece of ash will get past it, making it easy to pack, empty, clean, and reuse. Since there is no giant piece in the way, a simple scrub brush or thin wire brush can reach every nook and cranny in these glasses blunts, so no more struggle with all of the benefits.

Cost and where to buy one

There are several licensed online vendors of the MagBlunt, so if you’re looking for easy online shopping, you might want to check with Marijuana Packaging or Puff Puff Pass It for pricing. Buying a MagBlunt directly through a wholesaler is the most affordable option. Still, it can also be found on the shelves of hundreds of different cannabis dispensaries across the US and Canada for approximately $20.

Do they really work?

When it comes to stoner gadgets, someone is always trying to reinvent and improve upon old designs to make them more functional. Still, the next evolution of each one isn’t always a better option, which is why so many consumers are questioning the effectiveness of the magnetic glass blunt. However, seeing this device in action is more than enough to convince even the most prominent non-believers out there.

The magnetic glass blunt might still have some improving to do, but it’s suddenly come leaps and bounds from where it all began, which means a better higher quality option for consumers.

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