The best automatic weed trimmers of 2019

Published Nov 15, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Ahhh, it’s harvest time, the most beautiful season in natures cycle. Since federal marijuana legalization in Canada has come into full effect, there are more and more crops popping up, which means there is lots of trimming going on.  We have now evolved past the days of manual trimming, and let's face it. It can be very time consuming and cause some aches and pains while gumming up your scissors.

You always want to invest in a new automatic trimmer, but which one should you choose? These are some of the industries best trimmers on the market, and which one is best for you all comes down to the size of the yield that are you trimming, be it a few marijuana plants or hundreds of them.

1. Mobius Trimmer
The Mobius is the world's most substantial trimmer on the market because it has the fastest feed rate, is easy to clean, and includes a safety-first design. One Mobius can trim 66-120lbs per hour of wet cannabis and 22-44 lbs per hour of dry cannabis.
Power: Vacuum motor 5hp.Tumbler motor 1/8 hp.Cutter motor 0.75 hp.Single phase 24ov,30 amps.Single phase 20ov,22 amps.
Dimensions: Width 32”, with a trim tote in place 43.” Length 43.5”, with input hopper and shroud in area 77.5”.Weight 450lbs Height 47”. With an airhead tension tumbler.Triflex blade system, and an integrated separation system that leaves nothing on the table! This would be more for those that have significant sized operations. Mobius has great reviews, so if you are interested in this machine, then you need to contact the company for a quote.

2. Ipower Gltrimbowl
The 16inch diameter clear plastic top for visual cutting, functional leaf bowl trimmer offers a twisted spin cut for buds with upgraded gears. This machine has 30 high-quality scissors in one unit so that you can harness the power of this machine for perfectly cut marijuana bud. This trimmer has a 4 out of 5-star review on Amazon.
Dimensions: 40.6 x 36.8x40.6 cm

3. Trim Daddy
This one is an electric hand-held trimmer, so no more overheating as these units have been engineered to allow you to trim for hours. Trim daddy kit includes a high-quality carrying case and a pair of gloves. This trimmer has 4.6 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.
Power: Brushless motor makes it impossible to overheat-High powered 25,000 rpm weighing 1.6lbs
Five blade scissor tech self-cleaning dip in solution and turn on for a nice simple clean.
Dimensions: 26.7 x5.1x15.1 cm; 726g

4. Magic Trimmer
The Magic Trimmer is an electric automatic handheld trimmer cuts with precision, weighing only 2.3 lbs its easy to carry and comes with three replacement blades. The Magic Trimmer is affordable and cuts all kinds of plants and gets the job done efficiently. This trimmers average customer review is 2.7 out of 5.
Power: 110V 50/60 hz115-watt motor wit a speed of 33000 rpm per minute
Dimensions: 5.1x11.5x2.8 inches

5. EZ Wand Trimmer
This trimmer is battery operated and fast, which is why it efficiently delivers a scissor trim quality with stainless steel blades, high torque, and low rpm. Every part is replaceable with the whole tool weighing about 19.3 lbs. It’s easy to clean and will save you between 60-80% of your trim time. Leaving you with nicely trimmed buds and more free time.
Dimensions: 20x10x10 inches

6. The Wander Trimmer
This trimmer gives you the speed of 4 hand trimmers and trims up to 1lb of dried marijuana buds per hour with just one operator, and it is suitable for both large scale and smaller operations. Bucket vac and croc pot are included with the wander trimmer. This one has a good review average of 3 out of five stars.
Power: 120 vac 60hz ,204 watts ,1.7 amps.
Dimensions: Weight 30lbs-20”l x20”w x10” h


7. Speed Trim
The speed Trim comes with a butterfly blade for wet buds. Blade scrubber works great for hydroponics quick fast trimming. This trimmer is a great handheld device that works effectively. It has a 7-foot cord intended for use indoors
Power: 120 v ac, 60hz .04amps
Dimensions: Handheld

8. Clean Cut Bowl Trimmer
This unit has a professional quality trim with a diameter of 19” and 20 scissor blades. The cutting blades are adjustable, making it easy to customize to suit all of your needs.
Dimensions: 50.8x 50.8x27.9cm electric or manual

9. Risentek Bud Leaf Trimmer
The Risentek marijuana bud trimmer is one of the best. It is a commercial-grade machine but is suitable for the home grower aswell. It has a plexiglass lid along with a stainless steel cylinder and silicone fingers so you can process marijuana buds quickly. This impressive machine can make potpourri and essential oils! With a 16 inch trimmer, this is a premium machine and has the power of 20 scissors in one cut! Thus Creating some nicely trimmed buds in way less time a rating of 5 out of 5.
Dimensions: 17.7x17.6 x17

10. Hydroponic 18-inch Motorized Standing Trimmer
This machine is very efficient due to it’s three stainless steel blades and adjustable design. It includes three different speeds and has an easy fold-out design for simple transport and storage. This trimmer has 190degree tilt table that promotes easy clean-up and comes with two mess bags included. This tool has a 3.9 out of a 5-star review on Amazon.
Power: 110v 60hz motor 1200 rpm 60 w 0.7 amp

There are some pretty awesome machines on the market, and whatever one you choose is up to you because trimming marijuana buds is a kind of art and a worthwhile personal investment.

Its harvest season but are your cannabis plants ready


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