How Black Friday influenced prices at cannabis dispensaries

Published Dec 29, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Everyone loves Black Friday, which means lining up, waiting for your favourite store to open and the mad rush to grab the best deals. Oh, what an exciting time for all of you hardcore shoppers! With all of the marijuana dispensaries and smoke shops that are selling recreational marijuana out there, many consumers were wondering if they offered black Friday deals.

You bet they do and what a great time for shopping. Whether you were heading into a dispensary or ordering online, you would have found some sweet deals. It is exciting and very surreal to see cannabis sales and not just cannabis but bongs pipes and a slew of other things that most cannabis lovers would love to have in your stocking on Christmas day.

Most marijuana dispensaries are offering great deals and, of course, they will extend to boxing day as well. That's right boxing day sales. We all love a good boxing day sale. That's the best time to treat yourself after pulling off the so very stressful build-up to Christmas day, and some dispensaries are keeping the deals going all week long.

So, of course, you deserve a nice new bong and a beautiful weed pipe. Why not top it off with a lovely strain of your favourite cannabis. After all, boxing day is the best time to add to your stash or to try a new strain that’s on sale. There is sure to be something at one of the many marijuana dispensaries or smoke shops that will tickle your fancy, but you would prefer a deal instead of a full price.

So where are these deals, and what kind of deals are there going to be? Well, look at what the sales were for the black Friday AKA Green Friday at the different marijuana dispensaries. It is sure to be a green day full of amazing deals. We have put together a list of the dispensaries in Ontario so you can shop around. They are as follows.

1. Toronto

  • Ameri
  • Canna Cabana
  • Honey Pot
  • Nova Cannabis
  • Tokyo Smoke

2. Brampton

  • Ganjika House

3. London

  • Central Cannabis
  • J London
  • Tweed

4. Kingston

  • Brock Street Cannabis
  • Spirit leaf

5. Niagara Falls

  • Choom Cannabis

6. Ottawa

  • Fire & Flower York Street Cannabis
  • Hobo Recreational Cannabis store
  • Superette

7. Hamilton

  • Canna Cabana Hamilton
  • Hello Cannabis store

8. Ajax

  • Smoke

9. St. Catherine’s

  • The Niagara Herbalist

10. Burlington

  • Realm Cannabis Co.

As you can see, there is an extensive list for you to choose the closest marijuana dispensary for your convenience. As far as sales go, the Cannabis stores are no different from any other store. That means they all compete, which translates to great deals!

After Christmas, everyone is trying to make a buck, and we all want to save a buck. This makes for the perfect time to jump in and get yourself a sweet treat for yourself to enjoy a little R&R. Or maybe to grab some of your favourite edibles for new years eve.

I am going from the black Friday AKA Green Friday deals. There were CBD products and dry buds. Bongs Pipes and some edibles at great prices again in-store or online. We are all excited that this is a time when we can see marijuana sold just like any other product, with a spot in a black Friday and boxing day sales. Wow, have we ever moved forward in making a change in the industry that is gaining some pretty awesome acceptance in the retail market. Way to go, Canada!

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