Legal recreational marijuana consumers are still using medical issues to justify their use

Published Oct 16, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Now that marijuana legalization is in full effect across much of the globe, enthusiasts and non-consumers alike, appear to be slowly adjusting to this new change with some sense of hesitation. It might make sense for someone uneducated or misinformed to be concerned about cannabis consumption, but some are going to great lengths to ensure that they have a more “legitimate” reason to smoke weed than simply enjoying a buzz.

Weed vs Alcohol

Adults have for years gathered quite regularly around alcohol, which was once a banned substance with hardly a second thought, and according to society, it is completely acceptable for parents, caregivers and anyone else that holds such great responsibility, to drink socially. Some even enjoy a glass of this adult beverage with every dinner, and no one bats an eye, but for some reason, that same consideration is still not being extended towards cannabis consumers. Even if you were to obtain products from a recreational marijuana dispensary, what you would end up ingesting is completely non-toxic, that cannot harm you or those around you in any way. That is especially true when the effects are compared to the alternative, which can poison or even kill you and will degrade the body after years of consumption. We know this, and yet, alcohol, a human-made concoction of poison, is readily served up on nearly every street corner, while marijuana legalization has not opened any doors to pot-friendly functions at all.

Why would a recreational marijuana consumer want a license?

The truth is that despite the rigorous research that has been performed by hardworking, dedicated scientists to advance our understanding of the cannabis plant, recreational marijuana is still a taboo subject in most circles. Most consumers still hesitate to tell those who are closest to them that they enjoy partaking, and it’s leading to a massive line up for medical licenses. Workplaces, parents, spouses, children, neighbors and random strangers on the street will still openly condemn anyone that uses recreational marijuana, and that can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations.

In this day and age, where social media and cameras catch nearly everything, it can be challenging to truly enjoy yourself, especially when one of the things that you enjoy most is forbidden in some way, that has many teachers, caregivers, business professionals, athletes and even government officials seeking medicinal status. It’s to protect themselves against the unnecessary backlash that can come from those who still choose to condemn recreational marijuana consumption.

Why this might be a problem


Everyone visits the same marijuana dispensary, so it’s not like anyone business is missing out due to this interesting trend, but there are a few things that seem to be adversely impacted by an excess of medical license holders. A really good comparison would be a handicap sticker, which is difficult to obtain and requires proof just to apply for. That legitimizes both the process and those who take part, which is why it is something that most people respect and recognize when they see one blatantly displayed in a vehicle window.

Now, if they started to hand those passes out to everyone, you would probably be much more suspected of whether or not someone truly needs that accessible parking space or loading zone, you might even go so far as to take one of those spots for yourself since you now feel untrusting or lied to. The very same thing is happening right now with weed, only instead of parking permits, its medical licenses. So many people are getting them in an attempt to justify their personal consumption that they are no longer being taken seriously. A license is now so easy to get, that all you need is a few dollars and a computer, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home or prove any kind of problem to have one.

What this does, is it downplays the importance of this medicinal plant for those who need it most, and a lack of respect is only leading to less safe areas to consume, housing providers banning the substance from being smoked or grown on the property, and less intensive research into the truth behind the efficacy of cannabis as a therapeutic treatment.

Though there is no denying that nearly everyone who gets high is medicating in one way or another, a true medical need is a necessity that needs to be accommodated for, which is why it is so important to make that distinction. It might not be easy to be the first generation to have to stand tall and force change in such a unique time in history, but it’s our job as enthusiasts and advocates to be aware of the way that our choices might affect the future of a massive group of vulnerable individuals.

The difference between recreational and medical marijuana




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