Can you order weed online?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:51 p.m. ET

 Legalization has arrived, and the purchasing of weed is now available in many different forms. Where and how you purchase will depend on your location.

Ontario at present only allows for purchasing online at their website called the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). There are changes expected in April 2019. Purchasing weed in Nunavut is only available online; there are no plans at present for that to change.

The other provinces and territories provide at least one physical store.

Buy weed online

There are a few issues surrounding online purchasing of your weed. Yes, I agree that convenience is up there in the reasons for using this method. Seems great, you just order from the online site and wait for your delivery. However, there are a few consideration that you should look at before you do order. The big one that comes to mind is the issue of privacy.  Personal information is provided to the website. You will need to provide your name address and, email. Upon receiving your purchase, you may be required to show proof of age to the delivery company. This information is not kept by the delivery company. However, it does beg the question of where this personal information is stored once you order.

Lawfully this information stays in Canada and is not to be shared. Well, we all remember the breach of info by Health Canada in 2013.

Private information that is supplied to these companies can be used against you when you cross the USA border. Currently, there are questions concerning the USA  stance on cannabis use and crossing their borders; the info you may have provided could jeopardize your crossing.

Marijuana scams online


When shopping online, scams are often common. The purchasing of marijuana is no different. Perhaps due to the legalization in Canada more online businesses are online that you need to be aware of.

Check out the site that you plan to use, do your research. Does it look legit? Make sure that there is no conflicting information. Reputable sources will gladly provide clear info regarding their product. Be wary of marijuana dispensary scams, make sure you know which dispensaries that are linked to the government and those that are not.

How do cops deal with online purchasing?

It can be difficult for cops to seize a parcel that is mailed to you. The delivery company, Canada Post,  has the right to deny this except in rare cases that might suggest national safety. The postage of illegal drugs through the mail system is not new. The passing of the October 17th law that stated it is legal for us to use cannabis just enhanced the use of this method. Cops are fully aware that Canada Post is trained on the procedures of delivering marijuana to the doorstep. The police will be contacted if a Canada Post employee feels that a package is suspicious. The Crown corporation is not going to bother small ordinary mail their business is not to detect contraband.

Overall the response to online purchasing of cannabis is good. Legally in Ontario, it is the only way to purchase for now. Due to some circumstances that were not the fault of the OCS delivery, there has been a few problems. Now that those issues have been straightened out it appears that delivery is not an ongoing problem.

Jump on your phone order a nice bud, anticipate the arrival (sad to say so far no same day delivery) and enjoy!



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