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Published Sep 9, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Since federal marijuana legalization, the Canadian cannabis industry has made leaps and bounds despite facing some of the strictest regulations in the world. In this country this new market has flourished through stringent policy, government set taxes, constantly changing rules, no ability to advertise in any traditional manner and a customer base that has access to black-market marijuana products at a fraction of the price, making it difficult for dispensary owners and producers to stay competitive.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. has come out on top of all of this as one of the most profitable, trusted and well-known companies in the business, but a lot of consumers, growers and other industry professionals still have no idea what exactly it is that this company has to offer. Unless you are a savvy business professional that plays the market with Aurora cannabis stock, you probably don’t know much about the incredible benefits and services that this global leader has to offer, and lucky for you, we are here to change that.

What is Aurora Cannabis Inc.?

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian cannabis industry company that has grown the best tested and highest-quality plants on the market since 2016. They are more than your average licensed producers, with grassroots that run deep within the local community right across the country. Though you will find their headquarters located in Alberta, Aurora Cannabis Inc. holds a significant countrywide presence that has helped to shape the marijuana industry in Canada into what we all know and experience today.

Services that Aurora Cannabis Inc provides business professionals

1. Aurora Cannabis stocks
If you are looking for a long term and involved investment in the Canadian cannabis industry, then you might want to buy an Aurora cannabis stock.

2. Products
Aurora Cannabis is well known for quality, and the same holds true for all their products. Whether you need start-up tools for growing marijuana, storage options for your infused goods or anything else cannabis-related, you will probably find it with Aurora Cannabis.

3. Advice
Aurora Cannabis works with thousands of different companies from the Canadian cannabis industry including growers, vendors and specialists from all around the world to offer the most up to date information and advice all in one accessible place.

Aurora Cannabis services and products for consumers

Aurora Cannabis has been growing marijuana with the highest standards of the industry since 2016, and while their fame came mainly from the introduction of legal recreational weed in Canada, the company has evolved into an exciting leader of cannabis advice, tech, products and strains. Below you will find a complete list of every service that is offered by Aurora Cannabis that is geared towards consumers.

1. Cannabis products
Aurora Cannabis has created new strains while resurrecting genetics that has nearly been forgotten, all to provide the best experience and highest quality products for cannabis consumers. Right now, according to their website, there are nearly 100 different strains that are grown by this company for both recreational and medicinal customers.

2. Medical marijuana dispensary
Whether you need some pure CBD drops or are seeking something with more intense psychoactive effects, patients will find it all by Aurora cannabis through their online portal, or in-person by visiting an approved medical marijuana dispensary.

3. Cannabis clinics
Purchasing through a legitimate medical marijuana dispensary may require a license, and since many consumers fear having this taboo discussion with their family physician, Aurora Cannabis has simplified the process. Get connected with a qualified medical professional that can help you to select the right strains for you.

4. Tools for ingestion
Looking for the sleekest and most efficient high-quality bongs and weed pipes on the market? If so, Aurora Cannabis has you covered with everything from glass bongs to crystal and stone weed pipes that all offer a unique look and design that you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Merchandise
If you want to support some incredibly powerful causes but aren’t a consumer, then you can always check out the Aurora Cannabis merch and clothing line for logo decorated daily essentials.

6. Other cannabis accessories
Aurora Cannabis has made a name for itself amongst enthusiasts that take pride in high-quality accessories that you won’t find in just any local head shop. Both online and in-store, you will find weed grinders, cleaning products, dab mats and tons of other neat and useful marijuana related accessories.

Why you should try Aurora Cannabis Inc.

This global cannabis industry leader has done so much more than benefit financially, as the company works hard to get involved in local communities by supporting many causes dear to Canadians hearts by offering programs and support to come, of the countries least represented demographics and minorities. There is nothing better than supporting your local community, and as consumers, we have a responsibility to put our money where our beliefs are to force change. Aurora Cannabis Inc. donates a substantial portion of their profits in partnerships that ensure Canadians who need help the most, find it.


Where to buy Aurora Cannabis Inc. products in Canada in 2019

Though Aurora Cannabis does offer customer support via online for ingestion accessories and merchandise alongside some dry goods and CBD oil through their medical marijuana dispensary page to residents of Quebec, most consumers in Canada will have to find their pot products and merch by visiting their local cannabis store or head shop. Below, you will find the official list of all vendors that currently sell Aurora Cannabis Inc. products in Canada by province:


  • Alberta Cannabis
  • 420 Premium Market
  • Alternative Greens
  • Aylmer & Nelson Cannabis
  • Beltline Cannabis Calgary
  • Bongs and Such Plus
  • Boreal Cannabis Company
  • Bow Cannabis
  • Bridge Bud Supply
  • Bud Runners Cannabis
  • Canna Cabana
  • Canna Cold Lake
  • Cannabis House
  • Celestial Buds
  • Clarity Cannabis
  • Co-Op Cannabis
  • Daikoku
  • Daily Blaze
  • Didsbury Cannabis Mart
  • Elevate
  • Fire and Flower Cannabis Co.
  • Global Leaf
  • Grass Roots
  • Green Earth Cannabis
  • Green House Cannabis
  • Green Light
  • Green Town
  • Hat Cannabis Inc.
  • House of Hybrids
  • Micro Gold Cannabis
  • Lucky Leaf Cannabis
  • NewLeaf Cannabis
  • Northern Lights Supply
  • Numo Cannabis Corp
  • Plant Life
  • Queen of Bud
  • Rocky Mountain Collective
  • Small Town Buds
  • Spiritleaf
  • Sweet Tree Cannabis Co.
  • The Garden Cannabis Company
  • TwentyFour Karats
  • The Potterie
  • Urban Leaf
  • Waldo’s 420 Store
  • Westside Weed

British Columbia

  • BC Cannabis Store
  • Blooming World Cannabis
  • City Cannabis Co.
  • Cloud Nine Collective
  • Earth’s Own Naturals
  • Green Canoe
  • Green Gaia
  • Happy Isle Cannabis Company
  • Hobo
  • Mary Jane Resource Center
  • Muse Cannabis Stores
  • Starbuds
  • Sticky Leaf
  • Tamarack Cannabis Boutique
  • The Farm
  • The Greenery
  • The Higher Path
  • The Kure Cannabis Society
  • The Shore Cannabiz Shop
  • Trail Bud-A-Bong Shop
  • WeedmarT


  • Meta Cannabis Supply Co.
  • Delta 9 Cannabis
  • Garden Variety
  • Tokyo Smoke
  • Tweed

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Cannabis NL
  • C-Shop
  • Clarenville Green Stop
  • Deer Lake Green Shop
  • High North
  • Paradise Green Stop
  • Puff Puff Pass Head Shop
  • The Herbal Center
  • The Natural Vibe
  • The Reef Cannabis Company
  • Tweed

Northwest Territories

  • Fort Simpson Beverages
  • Norman Wells
  • Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission
  • Yellowknife Liquor Store

Nova Scotia

  • NSLC Cannabis


  • Ontario Cannabis Store
  • Ameri
  • Brock Street Cannabis
  • Canna Cabana
  • Central Cannabis
  • Choom
  • Fire & Flower
  • Ganjika House
  • Hello Cannabis Store
  • Highlife
  • High Tide- Canna Cabana
  • The Honey Pot Cannabis Co.
  • Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store
  • J. London
  • The Niagara Herbalist
  • Nova Cannabis
  • RELM Cannabis Co.
  • Pioneer Cannabis
  • Superette
  • Spiritleaf
  • Smok
  • Tokyo Smoke
  • Tweed

Prince Edward Island

  • PEI Cannabis


  • Société Quebecoise du Cannabis


  • 5 Buds Cannabis
  • Canna Cabana
  • Cannabis Co.
  • Cannabis XYE
  • Homestead Cannabis
  • Fire and Flower
  • Kiaro Retail
  • Living Skies Cannabis
  • Lush Leaf Cannabis
  • Meta
  • Spirit Leaf
  • The Joint Cannabis
  • The Pot Shack
  • Tweed
  • Wild
  • Prairie Cannabis


  • Cannabis Yukon Store

Aurora Cannabis Inc. website


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