Aurora Cannabis Inc. and the UFC team up to research the effects of CBD

Published May 30, 2019 11:05 a.m. ET
Fairfax: UFC Gym entrance with signs. Credit: krblokhin

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada and many states across the US, there are many new companies and organizations that are showing an interest in conducting or funding cannabis research. The main focal point of researchers thus far has been to learn more about the cannabinoids that marijuana plants produce, with the two most popular primary cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.

Though there are over 100 other cannabinoids in cannabis, these two primary elements are believed to be responsible for the most positive and productive effects that we know of so far. THC is the psychoactive euphoria-inducing element, and CBD is often considered to be more medicinal since it does not produce mind-altering effects but does have many similar traits that are useful in treating some of the most commonly experienced symptoms caused by diseases, injury, illness, and age.

Cannabidiol is generally found in minimal quantities in cannabis plants but can be seen in much higher concentrations among various strains of industrial hemp. It can offer a variety of positive health benefits including alleviating symptoms like seizures, pain, inflammation, nerve pressure or pain, and even helps to regulate our mood, appetite, blood sugars, and quality of sleep.

What is Aurora Cannabis Inc.?

Aurora is a Canadian based company that has been leading the way for the future of cannabis research and access worldwide. They are one of the largest and most successful producers of medical marijuana while also recently dappling in the newer recreational side of the market.

What is the UFC?

The UFC is a martial arts competitive league that has a following of well over 300 million spectators all over the world. The programming for UFC is broadcast across 170 countries in over 40 languages and includes over 40 annual events that are filmed live every single year.


What interest do these vastly different organizations have in common?

Surprisingly, these companies had very little in common until recently. One is a world leader in the cannabis industry, and the other is a sporting organization that has always been more interested in showing off the less glamorous and more competitive side of some of the world’s most violent sports.

The announced CBD research that will result from this unlikely partnership:

The world could use more in-depth cannabis research, but it appears that this study will focus on CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp plants, and administered to participants from the league before, during, and after competitions. The goal is to verify the benefits of CBD oil, while also perfecting the ideal dose of cannabidiol to improve the overall quality of life of the competitors that play within the organization. The hope is that the hasted healing, non-psychoactive nature, and mood regulatory properties might help to do just that.

So far, the agreement includes a multi-million contract with UFC promising that the CBD research will take place at the Las Vegas UFC Headquarters, and include participants that have willingly chosen to take part in the study. All of which will be provided with CBD oil before, during, and after competitions and practice to gauge its effects. Aurora’s award-winning researchers will also be there, to compile all the new data, and translate it in a way that is easier to understand. Though these two companies may never have crossed paths before, now that marijuana use is legal and cannabinoids are being explored, the opportunity has arisen for the partnership of a lifetime. The world is watching and hoping that this contract will be enough to make a world of difference in the quality of current CBD research by furthering our understanding of the element and all its possible side effects and characteristics.



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